Saturday, February 25, 2017

Two Trends are Rushing Headlong at Each Other, Intelligent Robots and CRISPR/cas9. And, It Is Just in Time.

Machines are 100 times better than living beings. Compare a car to a horse, a computer to 100 clerks with pencils, and an excavator to 100 men with shovels.

That advantage will soon be here in intelligent machines. See the Wired article on the contest of Go, the Chinese board game, between man and machine.

In chess, there are 37 possible moves at each play. Computers beat all humans long ago. In Go, there are a billion moves, each play, according to the article. A computer beat the human Go champion. He said, the computer made a move no human could have conceived of.

Skillful activities, such as medical care, are more in the category of chess, not in the category of Go in complexity. Goodby to all professionals. Surgeons, you can be rehired to lift the patient onto the operating table, for the best surgery you have ever seen by a robot. Judges, you can be rehired to yell, “All Rise,” as a judge robot, better than any judge who ever lived, is wheeled into the court.

That leaves one function for people, creativity.

CRISPR/cas 9 must increase the creative ability of human beings, as a whole, by 1000 times.

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