Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Government Thugs Shut Down Lemonade Stand

They were called by a competitor. No harm had taken place.

These government thugs must be stopped by ruinous litigation. To deter.

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Feminists Have Won. The American Family Has been Killed

The economy is sunk. There can be no economic growth without people. Aged pensioners will crush the young with Social Security taxation.

Good job, feminists.

Transition Does Not Solve Major Mental Problems

Chelsea Manning reports suicidal ideas on Twitter.

Memorial Day and the Hebraics

I knew none of this.

Hitler scapegoated the Jews for the defeat of Germany in WWI.

The biggest surprise in this list is that 12000 Jews died fighting for Germany in WWI. Someone did not point that out at the time of Hitler's false propaganda. Hitler got his facts wrong.

Reminder: Nessim "Nisso" Behar designed and supervised the building of trenches and of pill boxes for the British Army at El Alamein. Had the British lost that forgotten battle,  I would not be here. Tourist advice: stay on the roads to avoid the mines that remain.

Before Condemning this Indonesian Infant for Chain Smoking

Try taking a tablet from an American 2 year old.

The Forbidden Queen of England's Bedroom

Looks like a dive motel that has not been remodeled since the 1950's. Go to Slide 16 of 23.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

One Sees Nothing Has Changed

I learned a lot about chlamydia after my roommate and every one of 60 people up to the Chairman of the Department of Medicine had to be treated for it after contact with one nurse. 

Naturally, that is also, "How I Met Your Mother." I want to make it clear. My future wife never had chlamydia. She was just sassy. 

Today, she would have to  sign an 18 page informed consent, initialing each paragraph, then having it notarized. There would be a 3 days lawyer review period. She would be Mirandized. She could have a lawyer present. If she could not afford one, one would be appointed for her. 

Maryland, Welcome to Decarceration Nation

Must have been the impetuosity of youth that caused this murder.

I Proposed They Form a Great Cable Network, Covering all Subjects

This Swedish Law Goes Beyond Mirandizing the Sex Encounter

All encounters with any female should now be recorded. Use a sex body camera. More feminist victories in crushing family formation. Why does the vile feminist want to crush the family? It competes in moral authority and teaching with ineffective government. So, the family must be crushed. Female fecundity, needed to grow the economy to support the old people, has hit historic lows.

Fire this Stanford Law School Feminist Abomination

Autism Drug, No. Date Drug. Yes.

At least in prairie voles.

"The first studies that showed vasopressin could be playing background social matchmaker involved the prairie vole, a rodent about the size of a mouse. Scientists found that withholding vasopressin sometimes led prairie voles to mate without bonding and flattened parental bonding (in some voles, it led to an increase in self-grooming). Curiously, some studies even showed that vasopressin played a role in helping voles mediate aggression and social bonding with fellow voles of the tribe."

Compare and Contrast: Ebola and the Opioid Epidemic of Deaths

In the management of Ebola, a dozen people die. Experts fly in from top infectious disease programs. They bring the Army, to surround the village. Anyone leaves, they get shot on sight. Medical support services are set up on site to keep the victims alive, and to prevent them from traveling.

Deaths from opiate overdose number in the tens of thousands. Nothing, just a lot of talk by political lawyer windbags.

Lawyer Profession will Attribute this Murder to Impetuosity

End the tort immunity of the criminal justice system. This murder is 100% the fault of the criminal justice system, now on a rampage of decarceration. It was totally foreseeable.

Have a Glass of Water before Calling 911

Rule out dehydration in the elderly. If conscious, remedy it with a glass of water. If not improving within 15 minutes, call 911, for an emergency room evaluation. If there is a change in consciousness, call 911.

This Happened to me in Bethlehem, PA

It cost me $11,000 to remedy the Zoning Board complaints. I demanded the home address of the inspector and of the Mayor. I told him, I was going to video record their violations, and file a Zoning Board complaint about every single instance of chipped paint. I would go after every rain storm. They refused to give me the home addresses.

 When I planned to appeal these violations, the Chief Inspector called me. I told him, I wanted to take down his city. I would measure every sink height in government building bathrooms, and file an ADA lawsuit for each violation. He asked me not to. He thought these standards did make a difference in quality of housing, and in property values.

They came from this foreign book, The 2015 Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings. It was written by Euro-trash, dirty, Commie, big government tyrants. Do not kill them, even though  these quacks deserve to be killed. Report their houses to the local zoning authority. An additional argument in the lawsuit would be the application of foreign law without its being enacted by the Congress. I got too busy, and forgot to follow up.

If you have a neighbor enemy, buy the book, and anonymously report each infraction separately, to drive him out, with infinite cost.

Feminist Coercion Not Effective for Female Preference STEM

Vicious, Disconcerting Phone Hacking and Extortion

The press claims crime is dropping. Far from crime rates dropping, they are exploding. Crime has  moved to the internet, is far more lucrative, and much less risky, close to immune.

I think I know how this happened.

Guy gets call from a good looking woman he does not know. She says, she has all his phone content. She will publish it to the internet and to social media. She then displays icons of his pictures, documents, including identification, credit card information, video, some intimate, along the side of her picture. When he says, he is disabled and poor, has no money, she says, she will have him beheaded. He understandably got frightened, and took the phone back to the store for replacement. I suggested he file a report with the FCC, and with the FBI. I had not heard of this crime before. Someone needs to go on my group  A New Word is Needed for This on Facebook, and invent a name for this crime. I am banned from Facebook for another week. Another word is needed for people who repeatedly get on Facebook one week, and get banned 4 weeks. 

I think he downloaded an app. It asked for permission to access all the content, and he consented.

Either remove compromising phone content, or do not consent to any app access to it. If you have a project that needs advertising, then tell the lady from Eastern Europe to publish everything. Get free labor posting to social media.

Weinstein Will Bust the Prison Health Budget

"I'm not feeling well."

Friday, May 25, 2018

Alexa Has Been Banned from Medical Facilities’re-really-recording-us/ar-AAxLxvO?ocid=spartandhp&ffid=gz

A very accurate written transcript of a clinical conversation can be printed out from Alexa.

Here is how to get the transcript of Alexa recordings.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Female CEO's Shrinking in their Ranks

Hire a female, hire a lawsuit. Thank feminism for the impact on female hiring.

Why are only 5% of CEO's female? The market has decided, they are not good leaders. Most are in losing companies. Their being exceptional makes the point, females are not as good as men as CEO's.

She Identifies as Poor, and Must Be Respected

On the other hand, I identify as rich. I expect everyone to respect my identity, and to give me money.

All Pro-feminist Boycotters Should be Boycotted by All Males

The Duty to Kill

Public self help is the sole unifying factor of low crime jurisdictions. Some are rich or poor. Some are religious or secular. Some are small or big. Some are authoritarian or democratic. Some are white or black. Some are American or foreign. Some are urban or rural.

In all of them, the criminal is more afraid of the public than of the police.

There should be a duty to kill all violent criminals on the spot, and a $10000 payment for the people who kill the criminal.

All Feminist Accusations are False

5 years in prison for making a false report to a government official.

Impossible to Find White, Het Males on TV

Boycott. Zero tolerance for PC.

President Trump Pardons Boxing Champion, Jack Johnson

Then as now, feminism is a white supremacy, lawyer ideology. Its other aim is to smash family formation. Why? The family is a far more effective source of moral authority and teaching than the government. The latter is a wholly owned subsidiary of the lawyer profession, which makes 99% of policy, no matter the elected figurehead. They smashed the black family with its 70% bastardy rate. They are coming after the white family, with a bastardy rate of 40% in the 2010 Census.

Feminism is to 2018 what the KKK was to 1918. They lynched a kid for whistling at a white woman. That was most likely also a false accusation. According to the feminist, "None may gaze on the Virgin Empress of China without getting beheaded."

Prof. Berman says, "In an era in which there are so many living people subject to excessive sentences and unfair convictions and collateral consequences, I am generally not a huge fan of posthumous pardons."

I agree. President Trump should have pardoned living black victims of feminist white supremacy lynching, Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman. This is total feminist bullshit:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Brazil: Tops in Lawyers and in Murder



Judge: Millenial Must Move Out of Parents' Home After 8 Years

Nightmare for parents of deadbeat son.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Supercilious Left Wing Corporation to Become Homeless Camp

Driving Philadelphia Inspired a Pothole App

This Democratic Party hellscape is deteriorated everywhere. Our cell phones have gyroscopes, motion detectors, and GPS locators. As one goes over a pothole, the wheel of the vehicle suddenly drops, and rises again. The cell phone should locate itself sensing that motion. It should then report the pothole to the pothole reporting number of the location in a federal database of email addresses, websites, without any action by the owner. It should report, the location, the quantity of up and down motion, and the curve of its abruptness. The federal government would  automatically pay $5 to the PayPal account of the reporter, and $1 to the app maker, for every report, until repaired. It would deduct the same amount from federal highway funds to the locality.  The same would happen for overly depressed sewer covers.

Campbell, Anti-Family, Pro-Homosexual Message Resulting in Stock Slide

Target instituted an anti-family, politically correct bathroom policy. Market capitalization dropped $10 billion.

Walmart instituted the same anti-family, anti-America, politicallycorrect policy. It had to close 100 stores.

No comes Campbell's, with its politically correct marketing, attacking the traditional American family. Its stock slid 12%.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cybercrime up 30% to $Half a Trillion. Lawyer Profession is Doing Nothing About It.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

What is behind political correctness, and the rapidity of firing of offenders?‘offensive-comments’-he-isn’t-sure-he-made/ar-AAxrkND?ocid=spartandhp&ffid=gz

Employment lawyers. If you do not like political correctness and kowtowing to minorities, go after the employment lawyers and the judges that allow their claims to proceed.

Good Job, Feminists. The Birth Rate is Lowest in 30 Years

On the road to destroying the American family and our nation, the feminists have achieved a milestone. They destroyed the fecundity of the American woman.

Now the Chinese Made Opioid Crisis May Solve the Organ Shortage

Another surprise benefit of the opioid epidemic. Here.

The latter may end crime, since each addict commits 200 crimes a year.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Exception Fallacy and the Denominator Problem for the Police and Race

The police took 21 million 911 calls from black people. The police  served them well.


That fact did not make the biased news.

Police Called on Black People by Feminists


What is not being said is that only feminists have called the police on black people doing nothing wrong. "You are making me uncomfortable," is feminist talk. Here.

The remedy? Fine the feminist for a false report, like someone pulling a fire alarm.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Time to Investigate Robert Mueller for Sexual Harassment

Best way to get rid of prosecutors.


These accusers had sex with him. His slapping them was part of sex. They did not consent to being slapped around.

"Mr. Schneiderman initially denied abusing the women, saying in a statement: “In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line I would not cross."

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tactics Not Used in the Bill Cosby Defense

1) Feminism is to 2018 what the KKK was to 1918. It is a white supremacy ideology. The prosecutor has not prosecuted white men for this ubiquitous practice of using intoxicating substances. This prosecution was totally racist and feminist;

2) change of venue should have been requested to Lancaster County:

3) all admissions on prior depositions were the result of the implantation of a false memory;

4) nearly all witness testimony is a work of fiction, either written by the greedy witness or introduced
by the police. All such testimony should be verified by physical evidence of records from the time of the crime;

5) this verdict makes all offers of a drink to a lady an attempted rape;

6) lawyers have a duty to report unethical conduct to the Disciplinary Counsel, the dfense should have reported the prosecution for its violations of its professional responsibilities as a prosecutor.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Chinese Death Penalty for $5 vs Rent Seeking Lawyer Death Penalty for $5 million

That took a few days, not a few decades as with the lawyer version.

The Chinese fentanyl and carfentanyl supply, delivered via the internet,  will end nearly all crime in the United States.