Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Iowa Legislator Wants Party Registration Balance in University Faculty Hiring 

Who is smarter, the rich or the poor? Who is more likely to vote Republican, the rich or the poor? The rich are too intelligent to teach. The lower functioning, left wing faculty is merely reporting on the achievements of the intelligent rich to their students, no matter the subject matter. Forcing universities to find greater balance would force them to hire achievers, instead of the all the left wing losers now indoctrinating our kids into failed Communism, for nervy, exorbitant tuition.

I doubt such a law would be found constitutional, especially in any state affiliated university. I spent three great years at the University of Iowa. It was a kind of paradise of Americana. I rarely encountered left wing ideology, mostly technical learning took place. More recently, University of Iowa has made the news for left wing politically correct policies.

I suggest another approach than this legislation. It is likely to be constitutional. Punish the universities by slowing, decreasing and withholding funds until the administration is replaced by a more patriotic crew. The legislature can tell the courts, there is just not enough money to go around. They will quietly purge the faculty of partisans disloyal to our American values.

The same tactic should be done at the federal level. End the "in your face" threats of the Trump administration, put in office to clean up;

1) start to stealthily squeeze funding to all disloyal jurisdictions, universities, and other institutions receiving government funding. There is no reason the government has to fund people who want to take down this country. Make the checks later and later, smaller and smaller, and then not coming at all;

2) use the power of audits and regulatory oversight. Given the millions of rules, these have a 100% chance of finding violations;

3) litigation to deter discrimination against current targeted groups;

4) start to impeach appellate judges for their rulings, and not for trivial collateral corruptions;

5) target disloyal legislators, funding primary challengers, Tea party style.

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