Tuesday, February 21, 2017

From The Volokh Conspiracy

There should be presumption of organ donation. Instead of checking off that one wants to be a donor, one should check off that one refuses to be a donor. Presumption of donation increases donations ten fold in comparable jurisdictions around the world.

The Kelo mentions only property, not real property. It therefore applies to chattel and corpses are chattel. The government should take corpses, and crush families that refuse to cooperate.  The idea of donating organs to feeding the worms or burning them in cremation is idiocy.

Because of their self dealt immunities, violence against legislators, regulatory officials,  and appellate judges has full justification in formal logic. These are not even human beings. They should be attacked but not killed. If they are killed they will be replaced by grateful competitors.  Included on the hit list should be religious leaders or ethicists, including doctors, opposing a market place for organ donations. They believe they know the interests of the donors better than they do. They are mostly elitist and stupid.

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