Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why Autonomous Cars Will Never Break Any Law or Government Guidance

There will be no more speeding by this thing.


The breaking of a law or even of a guideline or written policy makes the negligence automatic and per se. In any accident, the question of negligence is settled by the breaking of a rule. The sole remaining dispute will be about the amount of the damages. Because of the knowledge of the rules ahead of time, the negligence per se may even be labeled as intentional or with malice. The damages may then be trebled.

Most laws, regulations, and rules are worthless, and may actually cause more damages. They are designed to generate jobs, and have no merit or scientific validity. That is a legislative question, and not one for the court in a negligence claim.

Look forward to 10 hour commutes instead of 1 hour commutes, caused by cars obeying every single one of the Rules of The Road.

Immigrant Crime Rate Low, Illegal Alien Crime Rate High


Immigrants have low crime rates. Illegal aliens have a high crime rate. Immigrants are screened prior to arrival. Illegal aliens are driven here by their home countries because they are undesirable people.

Immigrants are more likely to vote for the Republican Party, appreciating what they have here.

Illegal aliens are already voting for the Democratic Party. They elected Barack Obama to his second term. This effect explains the defense of illegal aliens by the Democratic Party. They are trying to shift the balanced voting in our divided nation. The Democratic Party is the party of the traitor lawyer profession.

Attended the Women's March, 2018, in Philadelphia

It was not a women's march. It was  a Democratic Party Bund. High achieving conservative women would likely be met with hostility, even more intense than harassing males.

The ticket I obtained had the reason for any remaining pay disparity by gender. It said, Free. Women just do not like money. None of the usual explanation for their low pay apply today.

The train in was like a Japanese subway at rush hour. It stopped at the next station. I had to push into the crowd to get off the steps. The feminists liked my pink shirt. I yelled, Tickets. A lib kid looked pale, and was getting motion sickness. I told him, do not vomit here. I was groped in my back by someone with huge boobs. I did not object loudly, as I should. Don't touch me. I feel threatened.

I asked a police supervisor if there was a ban on food concessions. He said, they just needed a permit, Why? Do you want to snitch on someone. I replied, No, I'm hungry. He pointed to a WaWa a block away.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

This is the End Stage of the Democratic Party Platform

Thieves do not bother to take money left in the trash in Venezuela. You need 100 of them to equal the value of a penny. Mass famine is ahead for the Venezuelan people.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sharia Law Should Punish these Synagogue Attackers in Germany

The German courts refuse to punish the firebombing of a synagogue as a hate crime by three Muslims.


The standard punishment for the drinking done by these three Muslims, as administered by Mohamed, was 40 beatings with a stick. Mohamed repeated these beatings as drinking was repeated.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Chinese Tech Buys Grindr


Chinese government will know all personal details and preferences of the homosexuals of the USA.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Revising Legal Standards for Defamation in Journalism

Libel laws should be changed. There should be tort liability of news organizations if they violate their own Code of Ethics. One of the most important is to provide two sides of the story. Such a new standard would imply, the profession is regulating itself, and not the government, perhaps in violation of the Freedom of the Press Clause.

Once any violation is proven, the liability should be automatic. The sole dispute in court should be about the value of the damages. The actual malice standard of the NY Times case should result in exemplary damages (triple actual damages). To deter.

This would be an elegant way to redefine defamation, to deter fake news, and to compensate the victims of journalism.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Is this Pretextual or Is It a Huge Error Caused by Military Feminism Bias?


General is not promoted and is denied a command after calling a Congressional staffer, Sweetheart. Whoever made that decision should be fired on the spot by the President.

Objectively, the US military is just about the worst in the world. They took our $trillions, and have been chased out of a half dozen countries by Stone Age savages with $50 weapons.

Their self defeating leadership, controlled by civilian politicians, must be purged.

This failure is 100% the fault of the lawyer profession. I consider the embedded lawyers in the military, these ccommissars of political correctness, cancelling orders from the tactical unit level to the orders of 4 Stars, to be traitors. They need to be named, arrested, given a short trial, and executed in the courthouse basement, on reading of the verdict of treason.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

End All Government Support for the Ivy League Universities

All government funding, subsidies, and support should be stopped to the Ivy League. Those schools are treason indoctrination camps. Because of their extreme political bias, their non-profit status should be revoked. The alumni of these schools have been very destructive to our nation, once they get their hands on governmental powers. Whether identified as liberal or as conservative, they all promote big government and its tyranny.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

End All Government Support for the Ivy League Universities

I would not hire him for any job. His mere presence is sexual harassment.

Here. You decide.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Machines are always 100 Times Better than Living Beings. Only one Function Remains for Living Beings.


Creativity comes from nowhere, and cannot be programmed in an algorithm. CRISPR/cas 9 technology will have to make us all Mozarts and Einstein, perhaps both at the same time.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Ironic. Women Were Doing Well by Working Hard. Now, ...

The feminist #MeToo movement has made it impossible to hire, or to even talk to a woman without a witness or a recording.

Hire a woman, hire a lawsuit. Talk to a woman, end your career. Women will be shunned by anyone not idiotic or not suicidal. Women can now form their own companies, and get accused by women they never met, as employers.

One notes, the accused were  mostly, supercilious, left wing male running dogs of the feminists, doubling the irony.

NY Times: Palm Springs City Council Now All Gay

This will be a natural experiment of the contention that all gays with political power become tyrants.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Male Running Dogs of the Feminists Clamp Down on Male Exuberance

Elite naval aviators punished. For nothing, sky writing. Not just funny act, but likely required a high level of skill. Should have been commended.

The President should fire the Secretary of the Navy for allowing this sanction. Trump is a NYC liberal. He is a weak leader. He will be re-elected. But, watch out for the guy after Trump, as real Americans remain disappointed by the destruction of our way of life. Feminists are a greater threat to our nation than the Taliban are to Afghanistan.


Oh, For Pete's Sake. Enough. Vile Feminists Go After 61 Year-Old Paraplegic With ED


The Most Effective Way to Neutralize the Mueller Investigation, in One Day

Call for his female or male victims of sexual harassment to all come forward. Time to get rid of that pest. Sue the FBI and the Department of Justice, especially, uber-Harvard Law asshole, Rod Rosenstein, who appointed him.