Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Term Limits

We are frustrated by politics, and are proposing to limit terms automatically, by law.

Couple of problems to consider.

1) It takes 10,000 hours to get good at any skill. We would be firing people who have learned their business;

2) Inexperienced elected officials would shift power to their unaccountable, unknown, experienced staffs, mostly rent seeking, big government lawyers;

3) incumbents are nearly impossible to get rid of, so enact direct voting on issues, in all US jurisdictions, as California Initiatives do. This is direct democracy. These drive politicians crazy.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Victims Rights Movement as Lawyer Quackery

Paul Cassell and this phony victims' rights movement is appalling. It is a Trojan Horse for increasing lawyer employment. Victims will soon get the right to counsel to navigate the complicated legal system. And, that is the real reason for this movement.

The real victims' right is the right to not get victimized. The sole path to that right is public self help, and the killing of violent criminals. These violent criminals are protected by the lawyer profession. They generate massive government make work jobs. Victims now generate nothing and may rot.

The real victims' right is to sue the police, the judges, and the juries who allowed the criminals to victimize them, in deviation from professional standards of due care. These horrible, self dealing, rent seeking, worthless government workers will not stop the criminal or they would lose their jobs. Despite the false lawyer decisions, the police does have a duty to the individual, the one that pays his salary with heard earned tax money.

The victim has a right to compensation from civil forfeitures. Instead, the police keeps all of it for itself, stealing from innocent people, and failing to compensate crime victims.

The victim who does defend himself is always the one prosecuted, and destroyed by the legal system. The criminal never gets prosecuted by lawyers like Cassell. The message is, depend on the worthless government make work police.

Cassell ignores these problems, because he is a rent seeking lawyer, trying to fleece the tax payer.

Victim statements are attestations. They are not cross examined in violation of Fifth Amendment due process right to a fair hearing.

Victims should be forced to state how they profited from their victimization. For example, they are boohooing they lost their father. This father was a child abuser. His murder was a tremendous benefit to all those around him. That benefit should be credited to the defendant.

False statements by victims should no longer be immunized, but prosecuted instead, as perjury.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Improving the Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court is a lawless abomination. It should be impeached, every single one of the traitor now sitting there.

Then pass a Judiciary Act.

1) Move the Court to Wichita, KS, roughly at the center of the nation. Get it out of the homosexual dominated, rent seeking, elitist culture of Washington DC. If you move to Iran, you will soon become very Iranian. You will imitate those around you, and fit in eventually. This explains the awful decisions of even the most conservative Justices.

2) Change the number of Justices to an even number. If there is a tied decision, the lower court decision stands, and as national policy. That lower court decision was likely obeying a prior Supreme Court decision. The even number will conserve stare decisis.

3) If the Court is to violate the constitution by its judicial review, make the number of Justices a legislative number, such as 500. All judicial reviews, including Marbury v Madison, violate Article I Section 1, granting law making power to a legislature.

4) Exclude anyone who has passed 1L from the Supreme Court. Exclude all people who ever attended an Ivy League School. They are all dirty traitor scum. Select the Justices from random people on local jury pools. I don't care if the Congress selects wine besotted bums puking in the gutter, who dropped out of special ed classes. There will be an upgrade in policy making, and more readability of decisions.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Intelligent Atheism, Not Stupid Atheism

As to atheism, I am an intelligent atheist, not a stupid atheist as most left wing atheists are. I do not bash religion in any way. I even respectfully accept the prayers of others for my soul. Religious people like me for my respect.
1) Religion is in all cultures, no exception. That means, brain based, with some evolutionary advantage.
2) I am with Weber, religious societies are richer societies. He studied Calvinism. I generalize his findings to Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh had all the assets and powers. 100,000 men were idled by the yearly flooding of agricultural lands by the Nile for 6 months. That means drinking, fighting and trouble. Probably some Sephardic Jew persuaded him that if you pile rocks and correctly point the hole at the top, for your soul to be pointed at a star, you can achieve immortality. Bam, 100,000 guys have jobs the rest of the year, and the wealth is redistributed in the first government make work project. That project is still bringing in $5 billion to Egypt after 7000 years. What atheist project can claim that kind of value? Religious tourism. Weber is what you studied in 12th Grade Am History class, whether you ever heard his name. Wealth is a sign of God's grace, so work hard to get rich.

3) It does comfort people. It explains to the average person why they should do good, and not live the Roman orgy lifestyle, "You are being watched." It does a much better job of reducing crimes and abuses than the legal profession.
4) A fat kid is holding a magnifying glass between the sun and an anthill, and burning the ants. Realistically, an ant is more likely to grasp the mathematical formulas of Newtonian optics explaining the concentration of light and heat by the lens than we are to understanding the entity that produced a universe now 15 billion light years across, its laws of physics, and its growing at an accelerating pace, let alone the reasons for doing so. The intellectual distance is far shorter for the ant, even with CRISPR technology producing Einstein ants, and robot ants 1000 times smarter than they are. I prefer to be humble.
A babified explanation of a thin lens.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tales of Conduct Disorder 2

The authorities who failed to execute this man at age 16 are fully responsible for the 7 subsequent murders committed by this man. Conduct disorder is a disability of morality and of empathy. Its sole remedy is the death penalty.

Here is the sad tale.

'...The gruesome revelations are a stark contrast to Kohlhepp’s professional image. On the surface, Kohlhepp was a polished Realtor who ran a successful South Carolina real estate firm upstate. In a company brochure, Kohlhepp portrayed himself as a tech-savvy professional committed to helping people buy and sell homes in Greenville and Spartanburg counties.
“At Todd Kohlhepp & Associates we feel that it’s important for our clients to know a little more about who’s working for them besides a name and number,” read the first part of his bio.
Beneath it was a picture of Kohlhepp dressed in a pinstripe suit, smiling broadly, next to a list of his business qualifications. He boasted that he was a licensed pilot and that his company had “One Focus … Results!”
But there was no mention of Kohlhepp’s criminal history and why he was a registered sex offender.
Details from his childhood — particularly his conviction for the 1986 rape of a teenage girl in Tempe, Ariz. — hint at a deeply troubled individual who harbored violent tendencies from an early age, according to court records obtained by the Arizona Republic.
Records showed that when Kohlhepp was 15 he went to a neighbor’s house, held a .22-caliber handgun to the 14-year-old girl’s head and demanded that she follow him, the Republic reported. Once back at his home, Kohlhepp duct-taped the girl’s mouth, restrained her hands and raped her — then told her he would kill her and her younger siblings if she called police, according to the paper.
The girl reported the rape to police, and Kohlhepp was arrested on kidnapping and sexual assault charges, court records showed. He took a plea bargain, pleading guilty to just the kidnapping charge, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

An extensive psychiatric evaluation of Kohlhepp, then 16, revealed a sometimes suicidal teenager who saw himself “as a loner, hostile toward other children and not wanting to be around people,” according to a report first obtained by Greenville Online.

Kohlhepp’s parents had divorced when he was a baby, the report said, and he was raised mostly by his mother and stepfather. After they separated in 1982, Kohlhepp began acting out, destroying his room and breaking mirrors so that his mother would send him to live with his biological father.
The report also detailed other alleged violent acts from Kohlhepp’s childhood. He destroyed his bedroom with a hammer, hit other classmates, was caught “Cloroxing” a goldfish, shot a dog with a BB gun and was dismissed from the Boy Scouts because he was too disruptive, the report said.
A teenage Kohlhepp described his father as “a lier [sic] and preoccupied with guns” who allegedly taught the boy how to “blow things up and make bombs,” according to the report. He had occasionally considered killing his father, whom he accused of physical abuse, but also “had this rage turned back at himself,” the report said.

In the 1987 report, Kohlhepp told the psychiatrist that when police were outside his home to arrest him after the rape of the 14-year-old girl, he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, but it jammed. “At this point, he laughed somewhat inappropriately,” the report said. “He stated ‘Someone doesn’t want me to die yet.’ ”

Kohlhepp seemed conflicted about the rape, alternately describing it as something he was ashamed of but also something that he had done to “get back” at his father. The report went on to say that Kohlhepp did not appear to suffer from hallucinations, delusions or other cognitive deficits; in fact, he seemed to be in the “normal intellectual range” and “tended to minimize his problem and expressed hope that he would go back to school and get a GED.”

The psychiatrist said there was “convincing evidence” that Kohlhepp had borderline personality disorder. “Throughout the interview, one got the feeling that if he were pushed to any limits, he was potentially explosive,” the psychiatrist wrote. The psychiatrist also warned that Kohlhepp’s “severe underlying emotional issues … could result in emotional deterioration in the future or continued aggressive behavior toward others in the future.”

Kohlhepp was released from prison Nov. 24, 2001, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections. Records also showed that he received postsecondary education and vocational training while in prison.
At some point, Kohlhepp moved to South Carolina and built a real estate business (his real estate license is listed as valid through June 2017, according to the state’s Labor, Licensing and Regulation Department).

When Kohlhepp applied for his South Carolina real estate license in 2006, he explained his sex offender status in a two-page letter filled with details that contradicted court documents regarding the 1986 charges, according to the Independent Mail:
Kohlhepp wrote, in his 2006 letter about the 1986 incident, that he had been in a heated argument with his girlfriend, they were both 15 at the time, they ended their relationship and afterward chased his dog and returned to his house.
Police showed up at the home, after having been called by the girl’s parents, who were concerned they could not reach her by phone, Kohlhepp wrote.
He explained in the letter that the kidnapping charge stemmed from a firearm he was carrying and because “I had told her not to move while we talked this out.”
Kohlhepp said he had been carrying a gun because he was concerned about crime in the Phoenix area and chalked it up to a youthful mistake.
Kohlhepp was granted a real estate license about three weeks after he applied, the Independent Mail reported. “Our community has been deeply disturbed by this,” Nick Kremydas, chief executive of South Carolina Realtors, told the paper. “The alleged acts of this person are not representative of us.”
State records showed that Todd Kohlhepp & Associates had two offices, one in Moore and another in Greenville, and that Kohlhepp supervised nearly a dozen agents. It is unclear whether any were aware of his private life. On Saturday, a call to the phone number listed for the company went to an answering machine, where Kohlhepp’s voice promised, with a slight Southern drawl, to return calls as soon as possible.
Listings for all of the properties and agent bios on his company’s Web page redirected to server error messages. By Saturday afternoon, an agent profile page for Kohlhepp on the real estate site Zillow appeared to have been removed, and a slew of negative reviews had been posted to his company’s Facebook page.
Brown reportedly worked for Kohlhepp cleaning houses and had arrived at his Woodruff property with her boyfriend to help clean it up when Kohlhepp pulled a gun on them, according to CBS News.
Brown and Carver were reported missing after the Anderson, S.C., couple didn’t show up to dinner with a friend on Aug. 31. No one heard from them after that. In mid-October, The Washington Post reported that the couple’s family members were disturbed by messages that began appearing on Carver’s Facebook account.
The family suspected that his account had been taken over by someone sinister. As The Post reported:
Suddenly, the page exploded with content, as if it had been hacked. It would appear to be flooded with spam, but a closer inspection revealed many of the posts to be related to the couple.
News stories about the missing couple appeared in rapid-fire succession, along with other stories about missing people. Strange, violent images and memes began being posted on the Facebook page.
“If I weren’t crazy, I’d be insane,” read one. Another read, “Sometimes late at night I dig a hole in the back yard to keep the nosy neighbor’s guessing.”
. . . On Oct. 1, one user commented on the marriage announcement, “Where the hell is Kala Brown???” to which Charlie’s Facebook account responded, “kala is with her husband charlie.”
On another post, a user asked where Kala was, to which Charlie’s account responded “who the f––– are you to question me about my girlfriend?”
Carver’s Facebook account has since been deleted.
Kohlhepp’s next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 19, according to court records.
Travis M. Andrews and Sarah Larimer contributed to this report.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Medical Malpractice Defense Points Not Usually Considered

I am not a lawyer, but I know where they live. Matters are 100 times worse than any one realizes with the lawyer profession.I would want to make the following defense points.  I would appreciate knowing any lawyer rebuttal.

1) Four Elements that must be proven in a tort case.

Injury Caused by Breach

2) Even lawyers forget the fifth. Unforeseen intervening cause. Any plaintiff conduct remotely related to the injury should be brought up, and a motion to dismiss should be made at every procedural step. Examples, smoking, non-adherence, family effects, outside stress.

3) In terms of breach due to a deviation from professional standards of due care, the courts will allow minority views in a subject that is not completely settled, and no medical subject is completely settled.

4) The tort is based on a theory of chain of causation. Great in the 13th Century, total lawyer quackery today. Lawyer quackery violates the Fifth Amendment procedural due process right to a fair trial of the defendant, even in a tort case.

A doctor sued BMW for a bad paint job and was awarded $4 million. The Supreme Court affirmed the Fifth Amendment  due process rights of defendants in torts.

The current view of catastrophes is that multiple factors cluster in a space and time, for example 12 of them in an airplane or car crash. The prevention of any one may prevent the entire catastrophe, often. The chain of causation is a myth. If followed enough, it ends at the Big Bang, and the court should try to collect from the entity that caused the Big Bang. The lawyer is ridiculous and stupid. They start with high IQ's and end up doing stuff from 1275 AD. I call that stupid, except they take in $trillion and damage the economy far more than that.

5) I urge defendants to personally attack the other side, and to share their own misery with the other side. The most powerful attacks are in the trial and in motions to the trial judge. Find a factual mistake anywhere, in the resume of the expert, in the out of court social media postings of all parties, in depositions. Adjectives and opinions are legally immune. I think this person is evil, stupid, greedy, etc. All are adjectives and immunized by the First Amendment. False facts are criminal and criminality should result in dismissal, and in sanctions, such as prison, all legal costs to the assets of the perjurer, exclusion of the testimony, disqualification. Disqualify the plaintiff lawyer, disqualify the experts, then even disqualify the judge.

No defense lawyer will ever do that. You may have to hire a personal lawyer to terrorize the defense lawyer. The latter makes no money until reaching trial. They are paid less than HMO doctors, and may actually lose money on overhead by insurance companies. Your personal lawyer should also threaten the insurance company for paying the defense lawyer too little, as form of insurance fraud, or insurance bad faith. Defendant thought he would  getting the Dream Team, from the slick brochure, got the dead time of losers.

6) If court tactics fail, try regulatory tactics. File complaints with all licensing boards, all Disciplinary Counsel. Even if dismissed, the other side will be spending time and worry in continual investigations. Make it so no amount of money is worth the plaintiff case. They may have to hire lawyers to deal with these investigations. File discrimination complaints, for example, the lawsuit is because the defendant is white, and male.

I find defense lawyers far more detestable than plaintiff lawyers. That is because they pretend to be on your side, but are working only for themselves, even if that means hurting your interests. They are the ones with duties to you. They are the ones with professionalism. They are the ones who betray both. Legal malpractice claims have totally insurmountable obstacles, and are a waste of time. So any understandings can only come before hiring or approval of a defense lawyer. Bring your personal lawyer with you, in your meeting with your defense lawyer, as if you were meeting the FBI. It is that bad.

The above apply to the innocent or controversial defendant. If the defendant is clearly at fault for a serious injury, a quick settlement is in the interest of the doctor, of the  patient and of the profession. A guilty defendant using the above tactics is abusing the system, and should be punished for doing so.The overwhelming fraction of medical malpractice defendants are found, not guilty. So most medical malpractice claims are invalid. This is true even in defendant judicial hellholes. In Philadelphia, a true judicial hellhole, 70% of the medical defendants are found, not guilty. The problem is that the cost of litigation has had an impact on health care. Almost all obstetrical wards have closed in Philadelphia, despite the statistic. As a result of lawyer perfidy, a woman is lucky to get a space in the hallway of the remaining services to deliver a baby.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Statement on Nurse Practitioners with Independent Prescribing



If any member of the legislature were having crushing chest pain, and had shortness of breath, with a family history of premature  deaths by heart attacks,  would they want to be seen by a cardiologist or by a nurse practitioner filling out a form on the electronic record? Why are the lives of black people on Medicaid worth any less than that of the legislator?

The movement to allow nurse practitioners to prescribe unsupervised, will result in a two tiered health system, one for whites, one for blacks. It stems from racial animus. The aim is to raise the mortality of black people even higher than it is already.

Nurse practitioner programs are so competitive that only people with nearly perfect grades get in. Most qualify to get into medical school. They have chosen to bypass that harder road to clinical competence, to begin making money earlier, and with less student debt. That corner cutting should not be rewarded with independent prescribing privileges.

As a result, they know one quarter that specialists know, and half as much as primary care physicians. They are fit only to prescribe for patients doing well, needing routine refills without any change. They are fit to diagnose routine, common and mild disorders. They are fit to administer first aid and nursing care.

New patients with serious or life threatening conditions should not be evaluated by them. They can read off checklists, but have none of the skills that come from the experience of doctors.

Even after 5 years of experience, because they have not been challenged by difficult experiences of physicians, they will require supervision.

A patient commented on the internet. A nurse practitioner insistently called the growing lesion on his arm  an "age spot" for a year. The patient demanded to see the dermatologist. The doctor arrived at the door, and from that distance, stated, “That is a squamous cell carcinoma. It has to come out.” Squamous cell carcinoma is a common skin lesion in the elderly.

Email sent to Jeff@Amazon.com: You need to address this allegation of fraud


Friday, September 23, 2016

Name Mispronunciation as a Micro-Aggression and a  Evidence of Bias

I suggest an alternative scheme.

Eventually, this idea will be enforced in judge made law and precedent setting. Schools may face ruinous litigation for the mispronunciation of a name. Today, employers face the same for an off color joke at work. Both employers and school systems are mere pipelines from the tax payer and consumer to the pockets of lawyers, mostly, with some crumbs going to injured plaintiffs.

I propose that the naming of a child with an unusual or difficult to pronounce name be deemed evidence of child neglect. The same should go for misspelled names. Hospitals delivering children should assist parents to spell names correctly. The name is Antoine, not Antwan. The French province is called Brittany, not Britney.  It is established that people with such names are less likely to be hired or to be admitted into schools. They are a signal for bad attitudes, low performance ability, and dangerousness, wrongly or correctly. This problem is a problem of the American South, not of blacks alone. The Spears family is white, but from the South. It says, raised by parents who do not know how to spell.

Based of the great economic performance of African immigrants in the 2010 Census, a really impossible to pronounce name, with tongue clicks and other impossible sounds is associated with a great employment prospect, and a curve busting student. So that is likely to result in a form of reverse bias, and superior performance.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Reply to Government Propaganda Article.

The_Economic_Burden_of_Prescription_Opioid Overdose, Abuse, and Dependence in the United States, 2013The

You forgot some things to deduct from your cost analysis. 

1) The productivity and tax payments of people able to get to work because of opiate pain relief;

2) The value of the 200 crimes a year not committed by the deceased drug addicts;

3) the value of the deaths of criminals to families that will not be exploited, injured, and abused by the deceased.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Productive and Non-Infringing Restrictions of Second Amendment Right to Have a Gun

Half the murderers, half the murder victims, half the suicides are legally drunk. The most prevention of gun violence would come from restricting access to guns to people with evidence of alcoholism. Such evidence would include convictions for drunk driving, public intoxication, and alcohol induced liver disease.

Paranoid people kill 10% of murder victims around the world, or around 2000 people a year in the US. That number includes almost all rampage killings. It is in the nature of paranoia to not believe there is anything wrong with oneself. So even people doing well in treatment will try to stop treatment, and will relapse.

In the absence of drug induced paranoia, marijuana is associated with lower rates of violent crime. So, its use should not exclude people from their gun rights.

None of these policies are in place. They have the potential to cut the overall murder and suicide rates by two thirds, without infringing on the Second Amendment. They would withstand the strictest of scrutiny. There are no racial differences in the risks of mental illness.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Venezuela, Here We Come

As government grows, so does poverty and shortage.


Past a Low Amount of Money, Increasing Wealth Yields Asymptotic Value, Mostly in Esthetics

The Versailles Palace remains a very beautiful place. At the time of its construction, it would be deemed unfit for human habitation today. Only technology adds the value of utility beyond esthetics. The poorest person in our nation has electricity, and goes to the bathroom indoors in the winter.

As wealthy people, we should therefore invest even more in technological development, to exponentially increase our wealth.

One easy place to get money is from the $trillion wasted on a legal system in failure, in every law subject. The nation should have the research and development budget of a technology company, around 20% of revenues. We have to, or we will be overtaken by Chinese and Indian wealth.

The most opulent hotel in the world, today.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Obama Succeeds in Denying Access to Care. Doctors Now Spending Twice as Long on the Electronic Record as on Patient Interaction

The Obama Administration achieved what they wanted. To cut clinical care. They imposed electronic record mandates. Now doctors spend twice as long on the record than on patient interaction. Organized medicine is collaborating. The article is in plain English.

This a review of the problems of the electronic record and their one solution. It would save $70 billion a year, and potentially end co-pays. Here.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Personal Patient Experiences with Alpha Stim



On Label:

Off Label:
1) An older woman had the compulsion to climb the stairs precisely 60 times a day. She had severe back pain. She had a heart attack, with heart damage. She could potentially suffer heart failure. She got Alpha Stim 20 minutes day, set at 1 for one week, then at 2 for one week. Her compulsion was gone. I stopped the treatment for 2 weeks, and there was no return of her obsessive-compulsive disorder. There was no substitute compulsion, as sometimes occurs. The compulsion has not returned for 4 months. She requested to continue regular treatments for anxiety and for insomnia. I restarted treatment at her request.

2) An adolescent had a form of autism, once called Asperger Syndrome. He had a very high level of rage, despite high doses of a major tranquilizer, with high blood levels. If he did not get what he wanted, he jumped from a high balcony. I asked him what was the date today. He replied, that is a stupid question, and walked out. He had two treatments at a level of 1. He said, he would go to the pool, for the first time of the summer. The bus was 45 minutes late, but he just paced and waited. He went to the pool. He had two more treatments, and a home visit. Instead of being destructive and assaultive, his mother reported he started talking to her about his interests, such as computers and games. After a year, but only a month on Alpha Stim AID, he went home. He was asking for the treatment, and for an extension of the time to 30 minutes. It is unclear if he liked the treatment or access to the internet offered to him while on it.

3) A woman is received Alpha Stim M treatment for neck pain. After several treatments, she reported no improvement in her neck pain. However, her tinnitus (ringing in the ear) of many years was completely gone.



On label reports here.

Off label reports here

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Serious and Insurmountable Problems of Evidence Based Medicine

1) Something works in medicine. It spreads around the world in months. When patients are doing well, medicine is a highly paid, piece of cake. It is almost like stealing. When patients are not doing well, it is a living hell of time, effort, and extremely low pay for doctors. So the incentives are in the right direction. Doctors may be trusted to want patients to do great. And the loss of work by patients' cures is not a problem due to the shortage of overly busy doctors.

2) A couple of years later, an academic doctor sees this response, designs a study, writes a research proposal, gets funding, carries out the study, writes up the results, waits for its publication. So, 7 years has passed. A number of studies accumulate. A committee reviews them. They enter a textbook, as accepted practice. It has now been longer than 7 years, by the time a guideline is written based on published studies. Meanwhile, the docs are doing almost nothing the way they were 7 years ago. The standard of care has moved on, except in the minds of guideline writers, government officials using guidelines like laws. These officials only want to slow clinical care to save money by piling bureaucratic procedures, and by denying dark skinned people that white people are getting.

3) On the first day of high school statistics class, coin tossing is discussed. That event is described by the binomial distribution statistic.

4) Studies comparing the fractions of responders to a treatment and to a placebo are supposed to represent the larger population. The parametric statistic is used to compare the fractions. The parametric statistic is the one whose formula describes a bell shaped curve, a common distributions of populations. Before carrying out such a test, one must show that 4 assumptions have been fulfilled. The most important is random selection. So any selection bias, such as an exclusion criterion, makes it so that the test is not even allowed to be done, let alone have any validity. All studies have exclusion criteria and violate the central assumption of parametric statistical testing. The populations in these studies do not represent those in the clinical setting. Doctors do not have exclusion criteria in their practices. Imagine excluding suicidal patients from a depression treatment study. That is routinely done in the FDA approval of new anti-depressants. Worthless.

5) Clinical care differs from the comparisons of the fractions in groups. It is closer to coin tossing. Have or not have a diagnosis. Give or not give a treatment. Have a good result or a bad result. The binomial statistic is more appropriate to clinical care than the parametric. Nevertheless one is not allowed to apply parametric statistics to a population best described by a binomial distribution.

6) Dose response curve is ignored. Low doses of radiation are good for the health, for example, as in radiation hormesis. One must delineate the dose response curve of all remedies. Then one must do so in the individual patient, and this is where experience based medicine beats evidence based medicine in outcomes.

7) Most evidenced based guidelines are not only written by under-achieving, atavistic, and know nothing academics, they are written by associations with undisclosed conflicts of interest. For example, cardiologists proposed doing EKG's on all children receiving stimulants for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). They would be doing the EKG's, and reading them. Cardiologists want to make more money, since the management of cholesterol lowered the number of cardiac problems.  Child cardiac function has not been harmed by stimulants. Once a year, a child, out of hundreds of others, reports a newly rapid heartbeat,  at rest. That child is taken off the stimulant and placed on something else. No EKG is necessary. Requiring EKG's would deter the use of stimulants, and increase the rate of accidental injuries by impulsive acts of untreated children with ADHD.

So evidence based medicine has problems, 1) delineation by academic professors with half the clinical experience and therefore half the insider knowledge of clinicians; 2) obsolescence; 3) based on wrong statistical application; 4) violation of the rules of statistical testing by exclusion criteria in all studies; 5) misapplication to individual patients (a treatment killed 99% of patients who had it, this patient has done well on it, follow guidelines and stop this effective treatment?); 6) ignorance of the individualized dose-response curve.

In a legal context of any kind, the suborning of quackery is a violation of the Fifth Amendment procedural due process rights of the defendant to a fair hearing. Evidence based medicine is  itself is a constitutional tort. I would urge all defendants to sue the plaintiff lawyer, the plaintiff, the plaintiff experts, guideline writers, as individuals, their universities, their chairman that failed to supervise them, their association. The association should be charged with civil RICO. That is subject to punitive damages (triple) because it is an intentional act, not just negligence. If it can be shown to have been financially self serving, it can be converted to criminal RICO, and the guideline writers should be arrested, tried, and sentenced to prison. To deter.

Stuff on civil RICO, only 600 pages.

Put this forward to the defense lawyer. He will never agree, because it would fully deter the other side, and end his business.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nixon to China, or the Immutable Law of Political Opposites

This Nixon to China phrase is a political science term. It means, that you vote for the person opposing your interests to get those interests fulfilled.This effect complicates voting choice.
Only the opponent of your interest has the credibility to get it achieved, if it is advantageous.

Who can sign a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel? A rabid former Jewish terrorist with open hatred of Arabs, of course.

Only a rabid anti-Communist could open relationships with China. George Bush II said in a debate, there will be no nation building under my administration. There was an orgy of nation building. Had Gore been elected, he would have been stymied, because he could not be trusted.

Welfare reform was achieved by President Bill Clinton in 1996.

If you want to get the US out of the Middle East and attack it on 9/11, what do you get? The US attacking many countries in the Middle East.

If you hate black people, want them impoverished, unemployed and murdered, whom do you vote for, Obama or Romney? If you want massive income inequality, and massive enrichment of billionaires, who will get that done? If you want to kill health insurance so that nothing can be covered nor paid for anymore, and now no one has any real health insurance, whom do you vote for? Obama, of course.

If you want Bin Ladin killed, instead of being allowed to escape from Afghanistan, whom do you vote for?

Say, you hate homosexuals. You wish they would suffer unspeakable and unending torment at the hands of lawyer predators. Do you support or oppose gay marriage?

That brings up this year's election. I supported Sanders to enrich the rich. I may vote for Clinton to do the following opposites of what she advocates, 1)......................; 2) .....................; 3) ................
I am going to let people fill in the blanks with the opposites of what she is advocating.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tales of Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder is childhood antisocial personality disorder. Its features are selfishness, fearlessness, lack of remorse unless the person is suffering personal punishment, impulsivity, lack of empathy, inability to learn from consequences. Other than that, they may be very intelligent. They have social skills in the form of manipulating people to get what they want. They are precocious in their social development. They party like people 10 years older. The crime meter starts to spin fast around age 3. Everyone, including fellow preschoolers knows who they are by then.

You have to wait for or go to the end of the recording to learn of the motivation for the car chase of this 12 year old girl.


Monday, July 4, 2016

The Future of US Health Care as Government Controls More of the Industry

Rio de Janeiro’s hospitals are running out of syringes and basic medications, and their staffs are running on little-to-no pay, with one month to go before the city hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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