Monday, October 16, 2017

The Family and Patient Outcomes

 1) Conditions and drug responses run in families, so interview of the family is important. The patient may know less about relatives than his parents. We need symptoms of relatives, medication responses, good and bad, and actually specific doses being used in relatives. One may also predict the future course of the patient's condition from the past of the relatives. Families could help by looking into these questions, and coming to the intake with that information prepared;

2) in no way am I against guns. I am against guns laying around with impulsive people who have dark thoughts. The best is removal to the homes of friends, and picking them up to hunt or shoot targets. Second best are metal safes in the home. I am not even opposed to the patient's use of arms. But someone should make a judgement about the mental state before handing over a weapon for sport. One of my patients committed suicide with his own gun. I demanded an investigation as to how he was allowed to legally possess a pistol after multiple hospitalizations for suicide attempts. The Berks Coroner has not responded, but that is a system problem. The family is the last chance to stop that system problem;

3) eyesight supervision, nothing beats that to prevent physical damage. We know that over 16% of depressed and manic patients will die by suicide. What is less known is that 10% of the murders around the world are committed by paranoid schizophrenics. That is 100,000 totally unnecessary and preventable murders a year. In the greatest achievement in psychiatry of the 20th Century, not the psychiatrists, but the prison wardens of the US dropped the prison suicide rate by close to 80% with no additional cost, staff, program,  treatment. Robin Williams was rich, and got fancy treatment for depression. He hanged himself, in his bedroom. Had a non-English speaking maid who knew nothing about anything except cleaning been sitting in his bedroom, he would be alive today. She would not even need to speak English, just have eyesight. She would try to stop him, and if she could not, she would get help to stop his hanging himself;

4) the law should be changed to support the physical control and commitment of people in brain failure by families, the people who know them best and care most about them. It is quite different for an addict to go out again, to score, or for an untreated schizophrenic to defend himself against imaginary threats by a rampage killing, than for a cancer patient to decline further treatment. In the case of psychiatry, the organ making decisions, the brain, has failed. I encourage families to storm the legislatures to change commitment laws to ones based on need and on safety, rather than based of loss of legal rights only after physical injury has taken place, and requiring the hiring of three lawyers for a full trial. If you liked the Sandy Hook School massacre, thank the Supreme Court. All rampage killings are 100% the fault of the Supreme Court interfering in a technical subject, psychiatry, that they know nothing about. The mother of the attacker at Sandy Hook had tried to get involuntary treatment for her son for a year, and was stymied by the legal system;

 5) no medication or therapy will work, ever, zero chance, if the patient lives with a person with inadequately treated and ongoing  criminality, addiction, or mental symptoms, such as depression. Family members who want success in the management of a loved one must get better themselves. There are few formulas with 100% certainty in medicine. This is one of them, with the cretainty of a law of physics. The duty of the family member to get successfully treated, before the patient will improve. Multiply this effect by ten if the patient is a child under 14. The undesirable alternative is the removal of the patient from that home. 

The most crucial take away message for families, today? Eyesight supervision.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Protect, Empower, and Privilege the Homeless, Get this Result


Hep A epidemic of monumental proportions.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cognitive Bias of Politicians as Bad as that of Individuals


Then, when presented with contradicting facts, they doubled down on their beliefs.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Can Better Access to Health Care Reduce Crime?

Yes. Here. But, less in the way, the lawyer thinks.

Health care can reduce crime. Mental illness makes people poor by disabling them. They are dependent on government insurance. This insurance is totally Draconian in denying access to care. They have a relentless campaign to make access more difficult. Paper work, second guessing and cancellation of medical orders, harassment of doctors by regulatory reviews and prosecutions, marked under-funding despite the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any human activity, including crime. The ROI on crime is typically 200%. On health care it is 10,000%, especially if the patient returns to being a tax payer.

These obstructions are subject to undue burden analysis, and should be found unconstitutional. Organized medicine, run by Ivy indoctrinated leaders, just rolls over, and is not defending clinical care. To understand better, think of the ABA. Worthless to lawyers and to clients. AMA. Worthless to doctors and to patients.

Here are the opportunities. Only a small fraction of people with these conditions are treated because getting into treatment is nearly impossible, thanks to rules written by lawyers. Raising the fraction of treated people would markedly impact crime rates.

1. ADHD. It is found in about 5% of the population, more in males. It is found in at least a third of people in prison. One feature is impulsivity. So all crimes involving impulsive acts would be decreased. Beyond impulsive crimes are all other intentional crimes, stealing, lying, batteries, rapes. A treated person with ADHD is better able to calculate the consequences of getting caught, or even the feelings of victims, and may decide to not commit these intentional crimes. Treated patients have stopped stealing and lying.

2. Around the world, 10% of murders are committed by very sick, untreated people with paranoid schizophrenia. Part of the disorder is to not believe one has something wrong, to be perplexed why anyone would propose taking medications, including the family. The family, by proximity, is at the highest risk of murder. Almost all rampage murders have been committed by high functioning, but untreated paranoid schizophrenics. The Supreme Court took over psychiatry in 1976, and ended treatment for necessity. It imposed a hearing, hiring 3 lawyers, to prosecute, to defend, and to judge. It imposed a really stupid requirement of a physically dangerous act before one could even have a hearing, then limits on the time of involuntary commitment. It gutted the threat of incarceration in mental hospitals. No real abuses had been committed by clinicians. The rare ones carried Draconian punishments for clinicians acting in bad faith. The Congress should reverse this highly lethal decision, that killed hundreds of thousands of people by suicide and by murder since 1976. We should return to involuntary treatments by medical necessity. Exclude any decision making by lawyers. They do not know anything about the subject of mental health.

3. Technology is available to reduce the sex drives of highly driven sex offenders to levels where they can exercise better judgement.

4. Most psychiatric medications are 100 times safer than all over the counter medications, today. They should all be over the counter so patients may try to start their treatments without undergoing the highly obstructed gauntlet of getting into mental health care. Imagine pulmonary care. Should you see a specialist for a cold? You would crush the system, and deprive people on respirators that need their level of skill. The common cold of psychiatry is trauma, being millions per year. Today, traumatized soldiers get anti-depressants at the battle field to prevent trauma from getting burned into the brain. You do not need a psychiatrist to address shyness, fidgeting, premature ejaculation, or excessive worrying. Just go to the pharmacy, as if you had a cough.

5. Close the FDA. Replace it with data showing effectiveness of a substance from anywhere in the world and with clinician and patient ratings of experience with the substance or device. There are non-stimulant, effective treatments for ADHD, a major force in criminality. They are totally non-addictive. Government insurance will not pay of over the counter medications, but the generics are cheap. Allow competition by foreign suppliers on the internet to keep prices low. People selling impure drugs should be prosecuted for fraud, and imprisoned. Then they should be sued for any damage, including the loss of opportunity to improve. The prisoner who took a bad drug, and committed a crime because of impulsivity should be granted standing.

6. Even more common than trauma is anger mood disorder. Anger is a huge factor in crime. There are now very good medications for anger. Make them available in small doses over the counter. They will work on the otherwise normal person. End all anger crimes.

7. Lastly, addicts commit 175 crimes a year to fund their addictions. Technologies are available to increase recovery to about 50%, up from 5%. The most important addiction is alcoholism. Half the murderers, half the murder victims, half the suicides, are legally drunk.

We need an antonym for rent seeking. This is an effect where government funding results in unbelievable ROI's. That 10,000% ROI is for the client's return to function. It does not include collateral benefits, productivity jumps, soaring of property values in high crime areas, drops in trauma care cost, a more productive, less hopeless culture and atmosphere, the end of disruption of work and education for the non-criminal.

The benefit would not be an imperceptible 5% or a $400 million return on a $70 billion investment. It would be 50%, and $trillions returned to the economy.

Monday, October 2, 2017

To My Law Professor Friends Who have Reached the Subject  of Homicide in your Criminal Law Class

You can help this nation and thousands of future murder victims, by becoming the first Criminal Law teacher to disclose the following.

1) One must read the mental state of a murderer, when the murderer had a 50% chance of being legally drunk. The murderer may have had a memory blackout of the crime. You will be reading the mind of someone who cannot report his own state of mind;

2) the state of mind is dispositive. A hunter who shoots another thinking him a deer goes home. A hunter who shoots another because the other's wife paid him $10,000 will get the death penalty. Same act, same result. Yet, the drunken, careless hunter may be far more dangerous than the contract murderer, after hitting a school bus going the wrong way on a road;

3) this intent came, word for word, from here, the Catechism,

1857 For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: "Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent."

A mortal sin is a violation of the Ten Commandments. To the credit of the Medieval Catholic Church, it was their faith, God would judge intent after death. It never claimed, men could judge intent. Catechism and Ten Commandments doctrines are a no-no in our our secular nation's laws;

4) because death was the sole penalty, even for minor violations, a loophole was needed in 1275 AD, but not today. Intent is not longer needed as a loophole;

5) the executive branch should investigate the background of the defendant, and sort the dangerous from the careless and not dangerous. The sentencing authority should be held accountable for mistakes that cause damage to future victims of crime, in accordance with professional standards of due care. These standards do not involve predicting the future, but counting the past behaviors;

6) the solution rate of murder is inversely proportional to the rate of murder, 60% in the US, 30% in Chicago, 0% in Honduras;

7) it is inversely proportional to the ratio of lawyers to population, Japan has 20,000 lawyers for 100 million, and close to no crime;

8) those blaming lax gun regulation must account for the low rates of murder in Israel and in Switzerland;

9) the five fold rate of murder of blacks, or an excess of 5000 a year, is the same as it took the genocidal maniac Klan to lynch over 100 years. The Klan was the terror arm of the Democratic Party. The high murder rates are mostly located in jurisdictions with elected Democratic Party officials;

10) around the world, 10% of the murders are committed by paranoid schizophrenics, as are most rampage murders. All are preventable with forced treatment, including long term injected medication that cannot be refused by the patient. The Supreme Court ended the decision making of clinicians. It is totally responsible for 10% of the murders of the last 40 years. And, with that idea, we return to the tragedy of Vegas.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Some Real Revolutions in Psychiatry, with no New Technologies

Revolution? No. This is a silly article. Syphilis was the No.1 cause for mental hospitalization in the first half of the 20th Century. Then, penicillin was discovered and ended it. Microbial origins of mental illness is old news.

Needles and nasal sprays are not revolutionary, but, again, old news.

Computer implants? This is bullshit.

Wellness?  Quackery.

Here are some revolutions in mental health.

With no new technology.

1) Abolish all face to face encounters. Abolish all buildings. Abolish all records save video recordings of telemedicine. This will slash over head. It will end the maldistribution problem and the shortage problem. Algorithms can do the initial evaluations and screenings. Here is the really revolutionary part: pass the savings on to the public. All medical licenses are converted to a single national license, so psychiatrists may see patients from anywhere in the nation, and send scripts to any  local pharmacy;

2) all mental health medications with safety margins and low addiction potentials go over the counter, so the majority of patients treat themselves. Package inserts are restricted to the sixth grade reading level;

3) there is no shortage of psychiatrists, there is a shortage of psychiatric time. Half is now being consumed by regulatory quackery, and paper work with no benefit for patients. Prosecute insurance companies, and retrieve the $trillion they have stolen in doctor time, enjoin state government from any additional regulation without extensive scientific evidence of a benefit for outcomes;

4) because of the immunities of insurance companies in ERISA and of the states in the Eleventh Amendment and subsequent Supreme Court decisions, violence against insurance and state officials have full support in formal logic. Formal logic has no uncertainty, and no exceptions. It is more final than the laws of physics. If tort and criminal liabilities are a substitute for violence, then immunities fully justify violence. The contra-positive of a true assertion is always true in formal logic. Hunt insurance and regulatory officials. Beat their asses. If they fail to learn, kill them. This is the violent arm of the revolution. Families of victims of denial of treatment who committed suicide may take the lead on this one.

5) identify the genetic basis of psychiatric symptoms, not syndromes. Those syndromes are bullshit, 19th Century superstitions. Then make CRISPR/cas 9 kits to change them in patients, and in all their offspring. Charge $150 for each kit, as is being done today.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What is the Opposite of the Presidential Bully Pulpit?

We need it, whatever name that has. I think Trump should become quieter. Use the opposite of the bully pulpit, the stealthy viper approach (?). For example,

1) send a quiet policy memo to military brass to get rid of disruptive homosexuals from the military;

2) stop or markedly slow the arrival of federal checks to sanctuary cities, not just federal funding, but Social Security checks, loan subsidies, housing subsidies, procedurally stymie any litigation for decades;

3) do the same for checks to states of disloyal or slow moving Republican legislators;

4) (my personal favorite) prohibit federal marshals from enforcing court decisions that are an abomination or in insurrection against the constitution. All judicial review is prohibited by Article I Section 1 giving law making power to the Congress, and not supported in any way by Article III Marshals are executive branch employees. If any tries to act against orders, fire them. If they sue, refuse to enforce any settlement;

5) start investigating federal judges for the 3 federal felonies every adult in the nation commits a day (lend me your laptop for an hour, I will come up with years in prison and $millions in fines, on the copyright infringements alone, never mind the embedded child porn, or the shady content of the emails).

Monday, August 28, 2017

If HS is a Nursing Abbreviation for Give at Hour of Sleep (Hora Somni), What is the Nursing Abbreviation for Give Upon Awakening?

HE. Hora Expergiscimini.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Punishment in the Management of Addiction

Punishment is a major factor in the treatment of addiction. Addiction is defined by continued use, in the face of punishment (loss of freedom, health, family, money). Therefore a greater dose of punishment is needed to help addicts.

1) People with something to lose have a higher chance of recovery, doctors, admirals, CEO's vs janitors, convicted felons, prostitutes;

2) the punishment of alcohol use and the forbearance of opiate use in Vietnam resulted in the 15% addiction rate to opiate among soldiers, and less alcohol use. Upon return to the US, with no punishment of alcohol use, and punishment of opiate use, the rate of opiate addiction in the returning vets dropped to the expected 1%. The remaining US addicts had features similar to the addict population of the US, and were more deviant than the addicts who stopped;

3) Prohibition of alcohol dropped alcohol use only 50%, its having no popular support. Yet, the benefits were great if under reported, drops in crime (except, of course, for bootlegging), drops in crashes, economic boom times, drops in the rates of death from cirrhosis, which is a reliable indicator of the rates of alcoholism (only 10% of alcoholics die of it, but it is a statistical indicator);

4) severe punishments end all addiction, in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the old Communist China. Zero addiction. These have extreme cost benefit ratios. Yes, shoot an addict, but save the lives of a hundred who do not become addicted;

5) the threat of punishment after death also is effective, from religion. Drink, go to hell, if Muslim, Mormon, Methodist. Low rates of alcoholism, and the prevention of all its consequences.

So harsh sentencing is effective, contrary to the false propaganda of the lawyer. I am going to translate here, "evidence based." That means rent seeking, make work jobs for registered members of the Democratic Party. "Evidence based" is a form of quackery.

A review elsewhere.

The Small Imperfection Bias, Used to Condemn an Entire Activity, Such as Legalized Marijuana


Once you have large pictures of bereaved survivors, we know we are in propaganda territory.

It is to use a rare flaw to condemn the entire activity. The Small Imperfection Bias. My conclusion is that we should stop all driving until crashes are ended. Driving was the proximate cause of the fatalities, not legalization of marijuana.

It fails to state confounding factors, such as an increase in driving from the economic recovery, the aggressive personalities of the crash victims, increased by the decarceration trend, increases in population, decline of roads conditions. It fails to provide balancing benefits. It is a form of false propaganda, and deceptive.

Celebrex, a pain medicine raised the low rate of heart attacks by 4 times, and was pulled off the market by its company, for fear of litigation. The FDA did not even ask it be pulled off the market. It just issued a Black Box Warning. The care of millions of people with pain and arthritis was disrupted. The protective effect of Celebrex to prevent colon cancer was stopped. It was replaced by alternatives with high rates of stomach bleeding. The FDA even asked that it be returned to the market.

This bias is commonly used by advocates, attacking flaws that are rare and marginal.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Opiate Overdose Death Epidemic. Unintended Consequence of the Ferguson Effect?

The war on drugs can be won, as it is in Singapore, or in Saudi Arabia, and now in the Philippines. 

One potential reason for the opiate overdose death epidemic, no one is mentioning, but is highly coincidental? The Ferguson Effect.

Officials, such as Rod Rosenstein, may not be just responsible for the surge in murders in Baltimore. He imposed a draconian consent decree on the Baltimore police. That surge is killing hundreds of additional black murder victims. The consent decree may have deterred police around the country in a social learning effect. It  may be responsible for killing 35,000 additional opiate addicts a year, as the police backs away from enforcement of drug laws.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Left Wing, Political Correctness to Insult the Memory of Thomas Jefferson, at the Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson, was a member of the Democratic Party,  the party of slavery. They will insult his memory, applying modern standards of decency against someone who lived 200 years ago.


Question. Will they include the fact that, upon stepping foot on French soil, Sally Hemmings and her entire family, 6 children, brother, and all other slaves, became free people. Jefferson sent one slave, James Hemings,  to French cooking school. He became a French wine expert. The children learned French.

Jefferson was sent to France as ambassador (1784-1789), to get rid of him during the Constitutional Convention, to be run by James Madison, a Republican.

After his 5 year term, Jefferson returned home. Every single one of his slaves also returned. All preferred American slavery to French freedom.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Lawyer Hierarchy Oppresses the Public.

It doubly oppresses the lawyer.

It triply oppresses the street level judge.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Judge Changes Sentencing to Life from the Death Penalty, to Punish Prosecutorial Misconduct


Brazen display of shocking lawyer profession stupidity. This incredible stupidity is well known. More shocking is the stupidity of the people here whose intellect has not been decimated by a legal education.

1) A listening device is placed in a cell. It records the voluntary statements of a mass murderer. These statements are made under circumstances promoting candor, rather than the really stupid lawyer procedure that promotes the cover up. Not only is this really stupid lawyer procedure inducing a cover up, it implants false memories. So, 25% of exonerated people confessed to murders they had not committed by the incredibly stupid agents of the incredibly stupid prosecutor, the pigs. So, obtaining the reliable statement of the truth is a form of unethical misconduct;

2)there is no mention that the information skewed, or distorted any aspect of the verdict or of the sentencing process. So, this is misconduct that caused no harm, no reversible error, no effect on validity of any outcome;

3) what is the remedy by this incredibly stupid judge? He privileges a mass murderer, to punish a prosecutor who is completely unaffected, personally. But, the future victims of this mass murderers will pay the price instead. The judge fails to understand the Prince and the Pauper Effect that is the exclusionary rule. The Prince has been a bad boy. The Pauper is spanked. How does that improve the conduct of the Prince? I do not understand this incredibly stupid rule. If the evidence was obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment, punish the police, and the prosecutor, who is their master. Charge legal costs to their personal assets. Throw the police and the prosecutor in jail. Have them lashed and caned. But do not punish the future victims of the criminal they are loosing on the public, or in the general population of the state penitentiary;

4) as to the exclusionary rule, it embraces the Prince and the Pauper Effect. Prince is a bad boy, so spank the pauper, to teach the Prince a lesson, and to improve the Prince's future behavior. The whipping boy doctrine does not just violate the Fifth Amendment procedural (real) due process, behavioral principles, all common sense, but also the Establishment Clause. It was based on the idea that the monarch spoke with the voice of God (a delusional and psychotic doctrine), and had immunity based on his Divine Right. Students in Life Skills would disagree. If asked, who should get spanked, they would point with their spoons at the Prince if it were he that had been a bad boy.

This incredibly stupid judge must be impeached. Statutes should reverse all use of the exclusionary laws, and replace them with direct punishment of the offending police and prosecutors.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Neo-Nazis vs Anti-Fascists in Charlottesville, VA

That conflict is as baffling to outsiders as a dispute between Northern Baptists and Southern Baptists.

Both are big government, socialists.

Both are tyrannical.

Both cannot persuade the public without the use of force.

Both do not tolerate freedom of political speech. 

Both lead to economic and cultural ruination.

Both must be crushed by law enforcement, and cannot continue without their incompetence or active forbearance.

Both are the opposite of freedom loving, and small government conservatives.

Both are rabid anti-Semites, hating the Jews and Israel.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Problems with Informed Consent

PA Supreme Court mandated attendings must obtain informed consent. That decision is regulatory quackery designed to deny access to care. It violates the constitution by placing an undue burden. This phrase  was used to strike down laws restricting abortion times many in US Supreme Court decisions. It is undue because it has no effect on treatment outcomes. All regulation should be proven safe and effective or it is regulatory quackery, an intentional taking by government, and a type of fraud if one understands the Rent Seeking Theory, theft. Medicaid abuse is defined as the payment for a procedure that is not necessary. The PA Supreme Court should mandate an additional payment to doctors for its decision, and then get arrested for suborning Medicaid fraud. If they refuse to mandate an additional payment, I demand they mow my lawn for free.
Here are the problems with informed consent:

1) There is no informed consent. Give a 3 hour lecture on a treatment. Test the patient 15 minutes later, they know nothing about it, nor do most want to. Most just want the problem to go away;

2) patients and guardians have a duty to Google, with the internet available to 100% of the population, along with chats by patients receiving the treatment, including disgruntled ones;

3) patients are not qualified to decide the specifics of treatment; I do not want to know anything about piloting a plane. I just want to get to Chicago. Nor do I wish to learn anything about the disgusting management of plumbing, I just want the toilet to flow again, and to stop flooding the bathroom;
4) there is no informed consent because the patient has a gun to the head consisting of extreme motivation by pain, the threat of death, the loss of normal function from the disorder;

5) the sole informed consent is the question of the patient to the doctor, what would you do personally in this situation? That is the sole real question, that actually is beneficial. The answers can be shocking. For example, the answer from many cancer specialists is not what they tell patients, radiation, chemo, surgery. It is, I would go home, play with grandchildren.

Friday, August 11, 2017

False Allegations by Feminists and by Their Male Running Dogs

I made a point that to prevent getting raped, women should avoid high risk situations, for example the vicinity of criminals and of alcoholics. It was in the context of a movie about the large fraction of Native American females who were raped. I pointed out the three fold higher rate of alcoholism in their males.


As a result, dozens of feminists, and dozens of their male running dogs accused me of being a rapist, and a pedophile. The fraction of false allegations in that instance was 100%. If the rate of false allegations against a stranger the feminist has never met is 100%, and who has done nothing to them, what is it if they hold a grudge against a guy? For example, they made him feel terrible, and he wants nothing to do with them. They are angry and frustrated by his rejection, and now they make an allegation of rape or of sexual abuse.

Nor, am I committing an Exception Fallacy, attributing a feature found in a few. The allegations were by the dozens, and even by the majority of the commentators.

All allegations of sexual abuse, assault or harassment should be screened with a polygraph examination, prior to the start of an expensive and time consuming investigation. If a false allegation is made to a government official, that is a crime. It should be prosecuted. There should be a mandatory sentence like that of Martha Stewart for lying about getting a phone call warning her to sell her shares. She made that statement to the FBI, in an informal conversation, in her living room, not under oath. She was sentenced to 5 months in prison, 5 months house arrest, and 2 years of probation, not for insider trading, but for her false statement to a government official about a phone call.

The accusation of a sexual assault is far more damaging, and the punishment should be proportional to the damages to the defendant. If a school or an employer believes the false allegation, and launches a false investigation, then they should be sued for all legal costs, including any trial costs,
for damages to the reputation of the defendant, and for his mental distress. If they are biased, or had knowledge, or should have known, exemplary damages, usually triple, are legally justified. To deter.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Ten Features of Toxic Feminism

10. A sense of entitlement. This is the expectation of getting a benefit without earning it.

9. Using sex to increase economic advantage.

8. Bitchsplaining, or talking too much about subjects of no interest or importance, interrupting more knowledgeable and able males.

7. White Supremacy. From the very beginning, feminism has always been a racist ideology. The phrase, reproductive rights, is feminist lawyer code for decreasing the fecundity of women with dark skins. Feminism is to today what the KKK was to 100 years ago. Politically correct. Adhered to by 100% of lawyers. Doctrines imposed by force. Full legal immunity for crimes committed in public. It took the KKK 100 years to lynch 5000 blacks. Today, an excess of 5000 black males is murdered every year. The feminist lawyer, protecting its client, the criminal, is 100 times more lethal to young black males than the KKK.

6. Anti-patriarchal family, and all its aspects, including the raising of children by a heterosexual couple.

5. Support of ever bigger, more intrusive, socialist, and tyrannical government.They will use the appellate courts to impose tyranny on the public that the legislature cannot achieve.

4. Support for radical Islamists. They are the most patriarchal sect of any group. This support is inexplicable, unless one understands, they too hate our way of life, and want Western Civilization abolished.

3. They are adamant about continuing the American holocaust of abortion. Black fetuses are over represented in this enterprise. See #7, again.

2.Feminism makes people unemployable. Hire a feminist, hire a lawsuit. Employers will be investigated by multiple regulatory agencies for discrimination for an off color sexual joke. Then,  they will be sued by the feminist. They will  have to fire highly productive male employees. They will pay defense lawyers outrageous sums, even to reach summary dismissal.

1. False accusations. Because the feminist lawyer dominated legal system is totally biased against males, feminist people use false accusations, to devastating effect on innocent males. Most accusations against males that are acquaintances, of abuse, of assault, of threats, of rape, are false. Because of the conflict of interest, and the advantage coming to the female, all such accusations should be screened with polygraph examination. All false allegations should earn what Martha Stewart got for lying to the FBI about not receiving a phone call, in an informal conversation in her home: 5 months of prison, 5 months of house arrest and 2 years of probation.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

It is Far Worse in Pennsylvania


Man is disputing child support in Houston, TX, because he is not the biological father. The mother lied to the court, in the past. She should be arrested and put in prison for lying to a government official, and even for perjury.

In Pennsylvania, the court would say, we know, he is not the biological father. The father is the person who takes care of a child. Do not change a girlfriend's child's diaper in Pennsylvania. That kindness could cost a male the child support needed until college graduation, for that child and for all the spawn of the hussy. If you see a child with a girlfriend, run as fast as possible, block her, and refuse all contract.

The feminist dominated legal system of Pennsylvania makes all family formation financial suicide.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Judges Triply Oppressed by the Criminal Cult Enterprise


I have argued that the nation is totally oppressed by the criminal Cult enterprise that is the lawyer profession. The hierarchy of this criminal gang must be arrested, tried for insurrection against the constitution, and executed, if the nation is to be saved.

I have agued that lawyers are doubly oppressed compared to the public, and that judges are triply oppressed. The correct response would have been to send the judge a bill for the real cost of the card holders. That $30 price is false. More like $5 is correct.