Thursday, July 19, 2018

State Farm App for Safe Driving Discount

Got an offer from State Farm agent.

Bill this program is really offensive, and very KGB. You are going to track my driving for $10 off insurance? Tell your Commie overlords at State Farm, Go Fuck Yourself, you  Orwellian nightmares.  

My Nissan Rogue has a WiFi sign coming out from the front of the hood of a tiny car icon  on the screen. I wrote to their legal department. They said they would share my data with government "as they saw fit." They would not even need a court order. Needless to say, I am never getting another Nissan again. The owner of the dealership said, what are you talking about. I said, sit in the driver's seat, turn on the car. A long legal disclosure statement comes on the screen. He said, I never saw that, it is a little Big Brother. 

Say, I went over the speed limit ten times on a 5 mile trip. I can get 10 speeding tickets from Pennsylvania State Police on a 10 minute trip to the store. Maybe they can have automatic withdrawal from my bank  account, since there is a 100% chance my crimes have been proven. 

So if I stop at a strip club, State Farm will report me to my wife, and send me Google ads for liquor and for casinos? 

Bill, please, forward this reply to the President of State Farm. This State Farm program proposes to
self report a crime a minute. The GPS, motion sensors and gyroscopes in the smartphone will be 
able to report every instance of crossing the median line. The State Police may then roll out the data
in Traffic Court. Every instance of exceeding the speed limit by 1 mph will be recorded in perfect detail. 
Downloading this State Farm app is a waiver of Fourth and  Fifth Amendment rights.

Tell them, do not worry. Just wait a couple of years. Once driverless cars are on the road, they will 

never violate a single rule of the road. Your one hour nightmare commute will turn into a
4 hour nightmare commute as they maintain proper distance between cars. All crashes will end,
 and you insurance people will never have to pay out a single dime. Just collect our premiums,
 and keep them for yourselves. 

David Behar

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Will Fitbit Replace the Sleep Test for $120?

Fitbit.  Several patients have shown me Fitbit graphs on their cell phones, of their sleep. It graphed  heart rate, respiration, motion, and rated sleep as light, medium, or deep. That is basically a sleep test for $120, instead of for $1200. It is sleep in the natural setting of the patient, rather than in a laboratory with wires plugged to the wall, and on  a strange bed.

To get refreshing sleep, one must be paralyzed for several hours during the night. If there is no extended period of zero physical activity, one may sleep 20 hours and still feel tired in the daytime. Fitbit would quantify the periods of sleep paralysis.

It can also be used to track physical and sports activity levels during the daytime. Once cleaned, it may be used by several patients.

The Philosophy of the Psychiatric Medication Visit

1) One complaint, one change. If you make 2 changes and something good or bad results, you cannot tell which change was the cause;

2) med checks cannot bring happiness. They can bring about the internal conditions and brain functions that can lead to happiness. Drug induced happiness is called, getting high. Wrong office. Drug induced better functioning may lead to educational, hobby. and occupational success. Removal of mental symptoms may result in more social friendships and more fun, because the person is less of  a bummer to be around. With more energy, more time, one is able to get gratification from helping others, and to feel good about oneself. These are traditional acts that make people happy. Such happiness is better than that produced 5 minutes at a time by crack cocaine. It does not come with deep rebound depression and dementia; 

3) do not complain about long waits if you take up psychiatric time meant for medication follow up with social, family, legal, and financial problems. I understand these can be a 1000 times more powerful and important than medication management. No one committed suicide by missing a few doses of medication. Many committed suicide when the boyfriend said, I cannot see you anymore. Yet, despite their great importance, the 10 minute med check is the wrong place to bring those up. No one is listening to this restriction, so we get an hour or 2 hours behind. The way you hated waiting for those ahead of you to finish, those behind you feel the same way. People are not educating patients. Please, ask the therapist to try to do so. Also, David Behar knows more technical psychiatry than you do. His life is not better than yours, and his life advice may not be any good;

4) some med checks require literally 2 minutes every six months. For others 45 minutes more than once a week is not enough. That is the unpredictable nature of clinical care. Cookbook medicine with rigid times are below the professional due standard of care;

5) please, do not start a Broadway production of  a Shakespearean tragedy when addictive substances, that quickly stop working,  that may stop your breathing center are reduced or denied entirely. If these are truly, truly the only ones that have ever worked in your entire life. come with someone who is not an addict to hold the bottle, and dispense a few days' doses at a time. 

False Positive Testing for Illegal Drug Use

Someone asked about cross reactivity with prescribed and over the counter medications in a positive test for cocaine in a patient denying any exposure to it. 

The list is very long. 

The first thing I ask people to do is to test a glass of water from the  tap. If it is positive for cocaine, the testing is a bit faulty. But, who knows with Schuylkill County? There could be so much metabolite of cocaine put out by people just peeing, the tap could be positive for cocaine. It is not removed by sewage treatment. We are  all on everyone' s meds and their urinary metabolites. I would not even trust Deer Park bottled water. This review is a bummer.

Then, I would request the lab provide that list. It includes local anesthetics for toothaches. They are chemically related. 

This list is only the beginning, from our friends at

If this does not provide relief, I would request the following, which I cannot even pronounce:

Here are the names of the test that should be done on blood or urine to confirm the presence of cocaine.

 gas chromatography (GC), gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS) or liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry/ mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The subsequent confirmatory procedures are performed on a second independent portion of the original urine specimen.

It may cost $100's if not a $1000.

CPT Code(s)**
80353 (HCPCS: G0480)
Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)​

Monday, July 16, 2018

Does Putin Have $200 Billion?

I do not know. If he does, why not hack his accounts, and empty them? He could not even report the theft, since such a fortune has no legality nor legitimacy.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hair Appointment Discovery of Melanoma


Experienced Doc Lays Rope in Cave Rescue - Good Idea


Phones May be Tracked With the GPS Turned Off


Good Riddance to Garbage Science Written by Academic Nitiwits

HHS to remove 20 years of practice guidelines.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Machines are 100 Times Better Than Living Beings

As with many new technologies, porn will propel the financing of robots. Men will specify their preferences in all physical aspects of their sex partner. They may also be able to specify personal style from submissive to sassy. If the sex robot is connected to the internet of things, it will also know all of what Google knows. Add artificial intelligence, and the sex robot will be solving personal, business, and intellectual problems.

Feminist will miss men, when men have moved on.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dissenting Analysis of the American Revolution

This is an analysis I made a decade ago.

The Revolutionary War Was Just Another Huge Lawyer Elite Mistake. It Resulted from French Collusion. 

Taxes were doubled from 1% to 2% of GDP. The lawyer elite did not want to pay. They come up with a lot of liberal masking ideology bullshit to start a catastrophic war with England. It was strictly about the money. All claimed liberties were to go only to this lawyer white elite and to their pals.

Where was this taxation to go? It was to go to the ruinous cost of the English military in perpetual war against Native Americans, attacking the interests of the white lawyer elite.

With the help of France, they beat the English. Twice, again in 1812.

Had we stayed an English colony, slavery would have ended in 1833, by law, not in 1863, by war. This law would have been enforced by a sheriff, not by an army causing 850,000 deaths. Race relations would have been resolved quickly, not over 150 years.

In the first application of judicial review, 50 years after the Marbury decision, lawyer dunderhead, Roger Taney, cancelled the Missouri Compromise and violated a ratified international treaty by the Dred Scot decision. That was a major factor setting off the Civil War. Did you know, the decision is covered in high school, but for some strange reason, not law school?

Distance learning lawyer, Abe Lincoln, Mr. "Please, Do Not Sue Your Neighbor," still had a chance to avoid war. He was proposed several alternatives. This lawyer dunderhead chose war, to explode the size of government, a wholly owned subsidiary of the lawyer profession.

Under English rule, we would have had a Parliamentary democracy, as Canada does. We would be less extreme, less crazy, more like Canada.

July 4 is less a day for celebration of freedom, more a day of bereavement for lawyer stupidity and selfishness.

France was upset by its losses in the French and Indian War. That is where George Washington learned the military leadership business.

France was too weak and poor to confront the British. So the French hatched a scheme to undermine the colonies, with undue influence on the decision to get Independence. They secretly supplied 90% of the initial funding. Ben Franklin had secret meetings with French officials at a hotel, le Comte de Vergennes. A covert campaign on social media was launched to demonize the British.

The naïve lawyers of the Colonies were no match for the experienced and scheming French plotters.

I am calling for an investigation into French collusion. The investigation will go back 240 years, but that is not a problem. Robert Mueller can be named to head the investigation.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Psychiatric Treatment Plans

Monthly treatment plans are wasteful, disruptive of care, toxic and actually illegal. I suggest you review these questions with your lawyer;

1) I found no evidence of a benefit of a treatment plan. In this study of asthma, it made no difference compared to ordinary patient education.

You should inquire of reviewers for the studies supporting this practice. I may have missed them searching the medical literature. If they cannot provide the evidence, then they are not medically necessary;
2) the definition of Medicaid fraud is reviewed here. It includes the provision of procedures that are not medically necessary;

3) if the predicate crime is Medicaid fraud, and one communicates with others about it, that satisfies the definition of the federal conspiracy crime;

4) beyond quackery, and its legal consequences, such treatment plans are not required in internal medicine, nor in pediatrics;

Obamacare contains a mental health parity provision. If it is repealed, mental health parity is still required by the Wellstone Act of 2008. These treatment plans and all other requirements not demanded of other specialties violate the Wellstone Act. One reports such violations to the Labor Department for federal enforcement. Review here. 

5) because of the fraction of minorities on Medicaid, these policies have a disparate impact on minorities. Statistical disparity is now sufficient evidence of racial discrimination;,_Inc.

6) their intent is to deny access to care, to deter providers with punitive writing assignment, to consume time to reduce the number of procedures billed. The result of this bad faith scheme? The 30% surge in suicide in Pennsylvania. These government functionaries should be considered to be mass murderers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vicious Phone Hacking I and II

Vicious Phone Hacking II.
I told a guy about Vicious Phone Hacking I. He replied:
A beautiful woman made a video call. He did not know her. She eventually disrobed. She then asked him to show his genitals. He did. She recorded the genitals. She then demanded $1500 to not send them to the contacts in his phone and in social media. He refused. She sent the pictures to his sister. He told the police. They said, they coould nothing about it.
He also believed she may have gotten his information from free dating sites.
He told me he got 63 Friend requests on Facebook from good looking women. If you allow the Request, they then have the Facebook accounts of all you Facebook Friends. These are false accounts. They may have your phone number.

Vicious, Disconcerting Phone Hacking and Extortion I
The press claims crime is dropping. Far from crime rates dropping, they are exploding. Crime has moved to the internet, is far more lucrative, and much less risky, close to immune.
I think I know how this happened.
Guy gets video call from a good looking woman he does not know. She says, she has all his phone content. She will publish it to the internet and to social media. She then displays icons of his pictures, documents, including identification, credit card information, video, some intimate, along the side of her picture. When he says, he is disabled and poor, has no money, she says, she will have him beheaded. He understandably got frightened, and took the phone back to the store for replacement. I suggested he file a report with the FCC, and with the FBI. I had not heard of this crime before. Someone needs to go on my group A New Word is Needed for This on Facebook, and invent a name for this crime. I am banned from Facebook for another week. Another word is needed for people who repeatedly get on Facebook one week, and get banned 4 weeks.
I think he downloaded an app. It asked for permission to access all the content, and he consented.
Either remove compromising phone content, or do not consent to any app access to it. If you have a project that needs advertising, then tell the lady from Eastern Europe to publish everything. Get free labor posting to social media.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Government Thugs Shut Down Lemonade Stand

They were called by a competitor. No harm had taken place.

These government thugs must be stopped by ruinous litigation. To deter.

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Feminists Have Won. The American Family Has been Killed

The economy is sunk. There can be no economic growth without people. Aged pensioners will crush the young with Social Security taxation.

Good job, feminists.

Transition Does Not Solve Major Mental Problems

Chelsea Manning reports suicidal ideas on Twitter.

Memorial Day and the Hebraics

I knew none of this.

Hitler scapegoated the Jews for the defeat of Germany in WWI.

The biggest surprise in this list is that 12000 Jews died fighting for Germany in WWI. Someone did not point that out at the time of Hitler's false propaganda. Hitler got his facts wrong.

Reminder: Nessim "Nisso" Behar designed and supervised the building of trenches and of pill boxes for the British Army at El Alamein. Had the British lost that forgotten battle,  I would not be here. Tourist advice: stay on the roads to avoid the mines that remain.