Monday, May 21, 2018

Supercilious Left Wing Corporation to Become Homeless Camp

Driving Philadelphia Inspired a Pothole App

This Democratic Party hellscape is deteriorated everywhere. Our cell phones have gyroscopes, motion detectors, and GPS locators. As one goes over a pothole, the wheel of the vehicle suddenly drops, and rises again. The cell phone should locate itself sensing that motion. It should then report the pothole to the pothole reporting number of the location in a database of email addresses, websites, without any action by the owner. It should report, the location, the quantity of up and down motion, and the curve of its abruptness.

A federal law should force the reporting authority to automatically pay $5 to the PayPal account of the reporter, for every report, until repaired, and no longer causes damage to vehicles. The same would happen for overly depressed sewer covers.

Campbell, Anti-Family, Pro-Homosexual Message Resulting in Stock Slide

Target instituted an anti-family, politically correct bathroom policy. Market capitalization dropped $10 billion.

Walmart instituted the same anti-family, anti-America, politicallycorrect policy. It had to close 100 stores.

No comes Campbell's, with its politically correct marketing, attacking the traditional American family. Its stock slid 12%.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cybercrime up 30% to $Half a Trillion. Lawyer Profession is Doing Nothing About It.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

What is behind political correctness, and the rapidity of firing of offenders?‘offensive-comments’-he-isn’t-sure-he-made/ar-AAxrkND?ocid=spartandhp&ffid=gz

Employment lawyers. If you do not like political correctness and kowtowing to minorities, go after the employment lawyers and the judges that allow their claims to proceed.

Good Job, Feminists. The Birth Rate is Lowest in 30 Years

On the road to destroying the American family and our nation, the feminists have achieved a milestone. They destroyed the fecundity of the American woman.

Now the Chinese Made Opioid Crisis May Solve the Organ Shortage

Another surprise benefit of the opioid epidemic. Here.

The latter may end crime, since each addict commits 200 crimes a year.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Exception Fallacy and the Denominator Problem for the Police and Race

The police took 21 million 911 calls from black people. The police  served them well.


That fact did not make the biased news.

Police Called on Black People by Feminists


What is not being said is that only feminists have called the police on black people doing nothing wrong. "You are making me uncomfortable," is feminist talk. Here.

The remedy? Fine the feminist for a false report, like someone pulling a fire alarm.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Time to Investigate Robert Mueller for Sexual Harassment

Best way to get rid of prosecutors.


These accusers had sex with him. His slapping them was part of sex. They did not consent to being slapped around.

"Mr. Schneiderman initially denied abusing the women, saying in a statement: “In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line I would not cross."

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tactics Not Used in the Bill Cosby Defense

1) Feminism is to 2018 what the KKK was to 1918. It is a white supremacy ideology. The prosecutor has not prosecuted white men for this ubiquitous practice of using intoxicating substances. This prosecution was totally racist and feminist;

2) change of venue should have been requested to Lancaster County:

3) all admissions on prior depositions were the result of the implantation of a false memory;

4) nearly all witness testimony is a work of fiction, either written by the greedy witness or introduced
by the police. All such testimony should be verified by physical evidence of records from the time of the crime;

5) this verdict makes all offers of a drink to a lady an attempted rape;

6) lawyers have a duty to report unethical conduct to the Disciplinary Counsel, the dfense should have reported the prosecution for its violations of its professional responsibilities as a prosecutor.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Chinese Death Penalty for $5 vs Rent Seeking Lawyer Death Penalty for $5 million

That took a few days, not a few decades as with the lawyer version.

The Chinese fentanyl and carfentanyl supply, delivered via the internet,  will end nearly all crime in the United States.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

What could stop the war on Trump by internet billionaires? Seizure of their assets in civil forfeiture.

Millions of crimes have been committed on their platforms. They can be seized, and auctioned off like the Ferrari of a drug dealer.

You may say, how is that legal. In 1827, the Supreme Court ruled, no accusation was being made against the person, wit
h his Fifth Amendment due process right, but against the thing, with no protection.

"The thing is here primarily considered as the offender, or rather the offence is attached primarily to the thing."

How to explain the All Hate Trump, All the Time, in All the Media? The billionaire owners.

I think they do better under Democratic Party administrations. To use one example. The rules designed to prevent a mortgage crisis drove all small and medium banks out of the mortgage market. The cost of regulatory compliance made loans unprofitable. That left the mortgage market entirely to the huge banks. Billionaires love big government, and its protection of their monopoly status.

In the case of the internet billionaires, they have no competition. They have legal immunity. They exploit public infrastructure, including cheap postal services. Guy wants to renegotiate, they want him dead and gone.

Trump has narrow knowledge of NY real estate. He has no deep knowledge of this exploitation. Yet, he is such a threat, they want him impeached, at any cost. The real Americans that put him in office know better. They feel the weight of government oppression every day, every way they turn.

If Trump fails, these billionaires should think about the guy the real Americans are going to put in the White House after him.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I Would Pay Good Money To See This

A cat fight between lawyers, Cosby rep vs Gloria Alred.


With a Coupon, Narcan Nasal Spray Costs $138

And it is hard to get.


Going to a Guy's House, Knowing "Wife is Away" Implies Consent

Not leaving when the guy blindfolds you, implies consent.

Not leaving when the guy ties you up, implies consent.

Not leaving when the guy starts to strike you, implies consent.

Being spurned by a guy you have a crush on, implies charges are false and retaliatory. Almost all charges between people involved with each other are false, retaliatory, and motivated by money damages.

Thank the lawyer profession for the witch hunt of the productive male.


Unconstitutional Undue Burden of Regulatory Quackery

The rate of positives has been low. The positives were likely false positives. Any savings will be consumed by the defamation liability for those falsely labeled as positive. The law should allow falsely accused recipients to sue the county, the maker of the test kit. To deter.

Originally, Sovereign Immunity was justified by the King's speaking with the Voice of God. This is a psychotic delusion.  Sovereign immunity has no justification.


God Bless, Preserve and Protect the Stranger

Two decades of hell lie ahead. Half the genes come from a violent spouse abuser. The other half comes from a difficult person who drove a person around the bend to violence.


Extreme Pain for Low Pay, Easy Street for High Wages

You decide.