Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Democratic Party Operative Waging Lawfare on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Future Problems for Justice Kavanaugh

I did not support Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice. I have a problem with his elitist background, and his Yale Law School radicalization. He was actually born, bred, educated in the Washington DC swamp. He is a congenital swamp creature.

No graduate of a Top Tier Law school should ever sit on the Supreme Court. They got there by studying 80 hours a week, from Kindergarten to Law School graduation. They don't know anything. They are book worms.

Given this attack, should Kavanaugh recuse himself from any future case or controversy involving a feminist question? Would his vote always be retaliatory for the unfair treatment he has endured? Or, will he have to rule in their favor to show no retaliatory intent? The intent of this false allegation is to nominate only females in the future. Every heterosexual male has engaged in sexual misconduct. Testosterone drives sexual interest. Male testosterone  produced by testicles is 8 times higher than female testosterone produced by their adrenal glands. There will always be a mismatch in level of interest, and in speed of interest. This is an involuntary biological feature. The nitpicking of sexual misconduct violates the Civil Rights Act, if not the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The feminists are trying to delay his confirmation using false allegations. All allegations by feminists are false. They require extraordinary proof to even be considered at all. I once discussed my experience. I suggested females avoid high risk situations to lower the number of rapes. For example, leave the vicinity of intoxicated males. Dozens of feminists, I had never met, called me a pedophile, a serial rapist, a serial killer, an animal abuser. None of those allegations were true.

First of all, look at this horse looking feminist skank. Even drunk to an extreme, who would want to jump her bones? Hers is a ridiculous claim on its "face." Second, she is a paid operative of a Soros funded Democratic Party attack group. The federal government should send Soros the bill for all investigations and legal costs caused by their agent.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ask for E-Discovery of the Judge, an Unaccountable Little Tyrant on the Bench

The lawyer would never allow that. Bill Cosby's wife may have to make such a motion herself.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Who Loots a Dollar Store?

Employee Turnover

To those in my family with  Math Economics degree and friends in the Princeton Economics Department. Is this a subject where one will use high school calculus, the math of change? 

What is the economic damage of losing an employee with knowledge and experience in a business? Factors and impact on calculation. Discuss from hotel chamber maid to genius CEO who made CBS a highly successful network, and is now fired. Cost calculation, please. (I already know what to do about the feminist lawyers who caused this. You do not need to address that question.) 

How does one prevent this damage? If it is by raising salaries, should the above calculation of damage be used in finding the necessary raise? What is the formula for this calculation?

Are there other approaches than increased salaries, such as making the employee feel good at work; protecting the employee from toxic outside demands and attacks, especially by government adversaries? 

Me to a patient: What are you and Jerome, your therapist, working on, these days?
Patient: Jerome is gone. I have a female therapist. This is the third one this year. I am tired of starting over. 

Me: But Jerome just started here. What is your new therapist's name?
Patient: I don't know her name. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lawfare Violates Fifth Amendment Procedural Due Process

We should not allow lawfare. Appellate court judges must stop it.

Everyone can be prosecuted for something, even children. The sole reason the entire population is not in prison is prosecutorial discretion to not prosecute an individual. The use of prosecution for political or monetary gain is unethical and violates the Fifth Amendment procedural due process  to a fair hearing.

According to businessmen in Russia, the state comes in, nit picks a paperwork or tax violation, and offers a plea deal to give 50% to the state, which is Vladimir Putin. In exchange, the owners do not go to rough Russian prison. People get the message and do not bother resisting. Putin is by far the richest man in the world, owning half of all Russian big businesses.

In the US, everyone with a job commits 3 felonies a day.

Here is one appellate point that should be made in the defense of Trump officials, such as Cohen and Manafort.

If Clinton were President, would this prosecution have taken place? If the answer is, no, the conviction is lawfare by the Democratic Party and by Deep State Republicans. It violates due process. It is unfair. It has a bad faith purpose, to revoke the election of 2016. Lawfare should not be allowed to in the US.

The other side does it too. Bill Clinton passed a tax increase on the rich. Their representatives, the Republicans, retaliated, impeached him on nit picking lawyer gotchas. The real reason was not sex in the Oval Office, or lying in a deposition. Everyone can be found to violate a trivial law. It was the tax increase. The toxic result? Clinton spent 100's of hours on his own defense, instead of on Al Qaeda, after its 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. The Bill Clinton impeachment was a factor in 9/11, a preventable catastrophe.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Miss America Pageant Ratings Drop 13% in 2018

The feminists are attacking another American tradition. They are turning a beauty pageant into a talent contest for ugly girls. There is now criticism that talent completion is overly restricted to  performing arts to be displayed in 3 minutes. This restrictions excludes  the females talented in math and other skills. So perhaps, we can have the ladies show knitting talent, or their plumbing skills in the competition.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Anti-Freedom Google Collaborates with the Russian Dictator

Google must be stopped. It is a threat to privacy. It collaborates with our enemies. Its leaders are far left, disloyal Americans.

Is needs to be seized in civil forfeiture by the new Trump Justice Department for the millions of federal crimes committed on its platform.

Feminists Will Destroy Another American Institution, the Miss America Pageant

Miss America will be a talent and intelligence competition of ugly women.

No. Boycott.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

PC is Denial

Banned from Facebook again for suggesting the protesters at the Kavanaugh Senate hearing should be tasered. So, I will have a lot more time for these messages for 4 weeks. I can speak with authority on this Honor Society, as someone who barely passed med school, and did the absolute minimum. 

A denier has an agenda. Argument with fact and logic has no influence, because they do not argue in good faith. Only an ass kicking remains. All deniers are anti-Israel, as well, including denier Jews. 

Because there are millions of such asses to kick, the better remedy is the attack on government support. These schools are privileged with tax exemption, tax free grants, and other privileges. These privileges are for the purpose of education. In education, all aspects of a subject are presented. If one side of a subject is allowed, that is called indoctrination. All government privileges and support should end until education is restored, and racial discrimination against Asians is stopped. I would like to see the Trump IRS end the tax exemption of this medical school, and immediately stop all federal grant payments. The government should not be subsidizing indoctrination and discrimination. 

In reality, this is a nativist attacks on Asians, and discriminatory. As I recall, from a medical school graduation, the awards went to a lot dark skinned Asians. You could get half the class to turn to you by yelling, Dr. Patel. As an alum parent, I was seated on the stage. I turned to the high official next to me, and said, "Finally. A white guy." He did not find me funny. 

Mt Sinai is the school of the German Jews. Einstein is the school of the Russian Jews. It was started because the German Jews have a superiority complex. They need to be taken down a notch by their neighbor, down Fifth Avenue, Donald Trump. 

Here is my denier screening question. It is very accurate. I would ask it of the student in the article. These are questions settled by the facts. Any hesitation means, denier. 

Was 9/11 a CIA/Mossad operation? Were the outbuildings destroyed by timed explosions as one may see in a planned demolition?

With all my time, I am thinking of filing complaints with the Office of Civil Rights and with the Non-Profit Office of the IRS. 

Self Help Is the Best Remedy for Crime

Thursday, August 23, 2018

If Clinton were President would the convictions of Manafort and of Cohen have happened? No.

That makes them pretextual (false use of law) and retaliatory. That makes them violations of Fifth Amendment procedural due process rights and reversible error for appellate court purposes. Cohen likely agreed to not appeal his conviction as standard in a plea agreement. Manafort should ask his current judge, not just to throw out the convictions, but to have the prosecutors pay all his legal costs. Such a sanction should come from their personal assets, and not from government funds.
The prosecutors are unethical, partisan political attack dogs. They are engaging in lawfare against the decision of the real Americans who elected the President.
Putin engages in lawfare. Every successful business is investigated for violations of law and of regulation. If you want to stay out of Russian prison, you give Putin half the business. That method has made Putin the richest man in the world, far richer than Bezos. Putin owns half the major businesses of Russia by his lawfare methods.
We should stop lawfare in the US, and actually criminalize it. Laws are need to have the Manafort and Cohen prosecutors end up in federal prison.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

All Mainstream Media are the David Duke Hate Speech Propaganda Outlet, Except One. All Are Unethical, Violating the Journalism Code of Ethics.

David Duke, Head of the KKK, hates Jews and blacks. His web site is not a collection of rants, nor of wild conspiracy theories. David Duke collects news stories and academic articles, even from Israeli journals. They all make Jews and blacks look really bad.
They also violate the Exception Fallacy. The Exception Fallacy is lying by omission, and false propaganda, even if the cited facts are true. For example, there may have been a Jew or two in Stalin's killing machine, according to Israeli scholarship. He is trying to make the point that Jews are mass murderers. David Duke is an advocate. He will never acknowledge the Exception Fallacy, nor provide the other side of the story.
As far as I can find, in viewing all mainstream media, except for one lone exception, it is welcome to the David Duke website. All articles and stories are being selected to make a partisan advocacy point. In violation of the journalism Code of Ethics, the other side of the story is not presented at all, or is very skimpily covered. The sole exception I have seen is C-SPAN. This is the cable industry funded network presenting Congressional meetings. its chief, Charles Lamb, explicitly said, they count stories to make sure an even number is presented.
The New York Times is to Donald Trump and the Republican Party what the David Duke website is to Jews and Blacks. And Fox is the same to the Democratic Party. These media are expressing the hostility to Trump of their billionaire owners. MSNBC is owned by Bill Gates. The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos. The New York Times is owned by a Mexican cement billionaire.
The public wants straight news, pointing out the Exception Fallacy and presenting the other side of the story. As a result of their frustration in not finding such, they are doing this to the media.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The rent seeking theory is the most powerful explanation of the failure of government and of the lawyer profession.

For some reason, this greatest theory of government failure is not well covered in Economics classes in high school and college.

The rent is not a payment for an apartment. It is a payment of crops to a lord in Medieval times, to prevent him from killing the farmer. It is an organized crime, mob extortion payment. In return, the farmer got nothing, not even protection from the Vikings. It is the Medieval definition of rent, from Adam Smith's, wages, profit, and rent, in the Wealth of Nations.

To understand it, one should review its opposite, the profit. A person gets training, practices, and provides good haircuts. He cuts your hair in a skillful, rapid manner. You pay $20. You get the value of a good, quick haircut. She gets the value of $20. That amount is an opinion of customers of the value, and is the real value of the haircut. Everyone comes out ahead. So the rent payment for an apartment is really a profit. You pay $1000, and get the great skill and value that went into the production of good shelter.

In the modern rent, government collects taxes. As in Medieval times, it is done with a threat of violence. Fail to pay taxes, a man with a gun will come around and help you pay. He may then kidnap you, and put you in a metal cage for several years if you refuse to pay your taxes.

Then, the government gives that money to a favored special interest, and the taxpayer gets nothing of value for his tax payment. The protection of the police has value, and is a profit, not rent. Public education, when successful, has value, and is a profit. A road used by many to get to work is a profit.

The rent is even more toxic than the loss of tax dollars and getting nothing in return. It deters productive activity by others. An oil company spends $billion searching for oil in a nasty place. Its executives are killed. It takes a long time. It makes a profit of $100 million by earning it the hard way.

Another oil company hires a lobbyist for $1 million. He gets legislation granting it a subsidy worth $100 million in tax dollars. The first oil company sees that. It feels stupid for earning a profit the hard way. It stops making the effort and expenses of looking for oil. It hires a lobbyist too to engage in rent seeking. It get $100 million in tax money with little effort, risk or expense. The IMF has recognized this scheme as an important factor in income inequality. The poor do not hire lobbyists to send tax dollars their way.

Because, of the violent method of collecting taxes, rent seeking should be criminalized as a theft of tax money. It is variation of armed robbery. When you see pointless, slow, stupid, unproductive government procedure, you are looking at criminal rent seeking, not stupidity. A man with a gun should visit the thieving government worker, and put them in prison.

This theory can get mathematical. This is a nice place to start to survey the subject.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Commie Brutalist Architecture Has No Justification

Only big government little tyrants can justify this hideous failure in design. Good design that is fetching and useful will markedly increase the value of a property. Sometimes the design can be simple, and no additional cost to construction.

Far left architect tries to justify brutalist architecture:

Is Prepaying Doctors Ethical?


They become agents of the insurance company, rather than of  the patient.

They make more money by denial of care, rather than  by providing care.

Their manners become alienating of patients, rather than supportive.

Prepayment should be openly disclosed. It will then explain to the puzzled patient why care is so closed, hostile, and poor.

Yes, Boomers are History's Most Annoying Generation

Kissinger to Trump: Surround China

Thus Trump is making friends with Putin.