Saturday, March 30, 2019

List of Bolshevik Billionaires Trying to Destroy America

One may speculate. What if the Jews had killed Adolf Hitler after his 1933 election? Would history have been different? The problem was that 20 families had funded his campaign. He represented their world view, down to reliance on astrology for decision making. It is possible nothing would have been prevented because of the power of these families. Several were so powerful that nothing happened to them after the War. They were recruited by the victors to rebuild the German economy.

Legal liability is a substitute for violence. By formal logic, legal immunity justifies violence. The contra-positive of a true assertion is always true. All bats are mammals, is true (A then B is true). This animal is not a mammal, it cannot be a bat (Not B then not A must be true).

Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey - Twitter

Bill Gates - MSNBC

Ryan Roberts - NBC

George Soros - MoveOn, Southern Poverty Law Center, Brennan Center for Justice

Mark Zuckerberg -  Facebook

David Brock and George Soros - Media Matters

Jeff Bezos - Washington Post

Larry Fink - Black Rock and the NY Times

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