Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nixon to China, or the Immutable Law of Political Opposites

This Nixon to China phrase is a political science term. It means, that you vote for the person opposing your interests to get those interests fulfilled.This effect complicates voting choice.
Only the opponent of your interest has the credibility to get it achieved, if it is advantageous.

Who can sign a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel? A rabid former Jewish terrorist with open hatred of Arabs, of course.

Only a rabid anti-Communist could open relationships with China. George Bush II said in a debate, there will be no nation building under my administration. There was an orgy of nation building. Had Gore been elected, he would have been stymied, because he could not be trusted.

Welfare reform was achieved by President Bill Clinton in 1996.

If you want to get the US out of the Middle East and attack it on 9/11, what do you get? The US attacking many countries in the Middle East.

If you hate black people, want them impoverished, unemployed and murdered, whom do you vote for, Obama or Romney? If you want massive income inequality, and massive enrichment of billionaires, who will get that done? If you want to kill health insurance so that nothing can be covered nor paid for anymore, and now no one has any real health insurance, whom do you vote for? Obama, of course.

If you want Bin Ladin killed, instead of being allowed to escape from Afghanistan, whom do you vote for?

Say, you hate homosexuals. You wish they would suffer unspeakable and unending torment at the hands of lawyer predators. Do you support or oppose gay marriage?

That brings up this year's election. I supported Sanders to enrich the rich. I may vote for Clinton to do the following opposites of what she advocates, 1)......................; 2) .....................; 3) ................
I am going to let people fill in the blanks with the opposites of what she is advocating.

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