Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Family Theory of History

The Families Theory of History. This is a variation of the Great Man Theory of history. 

Twenty families put Hitler in power, and did great during the war. They each gave him $5000 (like $500K today) for his campaigns, and made $millions off government contracts. The Allies hanged the Nazis by the hundreds. Those families stayed untouchable, and were actively recruited by our government, despite having been the real cause of WWII.

Bush represented West Texas oil families. They did well, when he killed their Takrit competitors and their puppet, Saddam. They did well when gas prices went from 99 cents under Clinton, to $4 a gallon. 

Reagan represented California real estate families. They did well. Inflation made their investments soar in value.

Bill Clinton? Bill is Tyson Chicken. Clinton enacted a law banning the dumping of blood into a river by packing plants. At the next biennial election, he got his chain yanked, and lost the governorship. He gets back into office, and amends the law. Beef packing plants may not dump blood into a river. Chicken processing plants may.

Soros and the homosexual billionaires pulling Obama strings have done well under his carpet bombing of the economy, driving all money into the stock marker due to 0% interest rates. Obama also wiped out the small bank competition of his sponsors. They could not survive the regulatory requirements of Dodd-Frank Act. 

Unless I am missing something, Sanders and Trump are not puppets for any set of families. Both are extreme and frightening. However, they have no nasty "families" behind them.

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