Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yes. It is an Excellent Idea for Middle Aged Professionals to Attend Law School

I recommend attending law school, and staying in one’s field of expertise.
Workers know a lot about their field, not much about the law. Lawyers know law, but nothing about nothing else.
1) The powers of the animal that is an expert in a field and knows some laws is yet unknown. So the boss may send a contract to a lawyer who knows nothing about his business, and has to explain the basics, or to a co-worker with a law degree. What a difference that will make.
2) One is less likely to be puzzled and intimidated during legal actions. One can predict the tactics of the other side and craft replies. 
3) One can bully adversaries with credible legal threats. That advantage has returned several times the cost of tuition of attending internet law school.
4) One can supervise and force one’s lazy, stupid personal lawyer to better assert one’s legal rights in legal disputes.

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