Monday, September 19, 2011

Recovery Movement

Recently, a local agency was forced to adopt new Mission Statement, Philosophy Declaration in order to keep its referrals and public funding. Many other agencies have been forced to as well by government funding sources. Progress toward recovery is also expected in the documentation, so staff is forced to lie. Say a patient has not spoken in group for 6 months in a partial program, that is not progress toward recovery. So staff has to make stuff up about his improvement.

To argue by analogy, my agency treats paralyzed people. Could the goal not be adaptation to their condition, teaching of new skills to get around, and encouragement to get to wherever they want? This would be the rehabilitation model.

Does the goal for everyone have to be to walk again, and to lie about their progress when they cannot walk at all? Recovery in this context would be impossible, offensive, and cruel as unattainable.

This recovery movement, promoted at the highest levels of the federal government, as well as by bullying, inter-meddling state ideologues requires one thing. Staffing. It is in bad faith, to grow government and to plunder the tax payer without evidence of any benefit to the patient, or the family, or the neighborhood.

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