Sunday, August 15, 2010

Harvard Law Review Mate: Obama Narcissitic, Lazy, Being Groomed From Beginning

Obama's tuition payments, and admission with poor grades remain a mystery.He may have been sponsored by Saudi elements.

Unlike organized medicine, the AAPS is doing something to oppose Obamacare by filing a lawsuit in federal court. It has survived the summary judgment phase, and should be supported.

I do not believe the argument will work. The law forces people in repose to act to buy a product.

Well, the government does that a lot. It forces duties that are detrimental to the public, the time to fill out tax forms, jury duty, registration for the draft. These have been upheld by the Supreme Court. The attorney believes the vote will be 4 to 4 with Kennedy casting the deciding vote to overturn the law.

I support the aims of the organization and its actions, even if some members do not have mainstream views.

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