Saturday, May 8, 2010

Assessment of Costs by Clerk of Court Despite Wealth Disparity

The Third Circuit covers Pennsylvania. Given the fact that 80% of malpractice claims are weak, this decision should result in more requests for costs. In this case, two claims were not filed on time, and summary judgments for the hospital were granted.

The decision is here.

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 54(d)(1):

(d) Costs; Attorney’s Fees.

(1) Costs Other than Attorneys’ Fees.

Unless a federal statute, these rules, or a court order provides otherwise, costs — other than attorney's fees — should be allowed to the prevailing party. But costs against the United States, its officers, and its agencies may be imposed only to the extent allowed by law. The clerk may tax costs on 14 days' notice. On motion served within the next 7 days, the court may review the clerk's action.

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