Friday, April 9, 2010

The East Brunswick, NJ, Municipal Court and Traffic Offenses


1) The traffic court is a fast moving revenue raiser.

2) The rails to settlement are fully greased.

3) Pressure increases progressively as one asserts a desire for a not guilty plea and a trial. It reaches an unbearable level of cost, quickly, for any productive party. That pressure includes physical threats by township police, albeit staying within the law. The threatening behavior worsens as one tries to assert more legal rights.

4) Defense attorneys at this level of traffic court are a waste of time and money. It suggested that one buy a court practice manual, cheaply. One will learn a great deal about the way things work and one's real choices. One may resell it after the case. The prosecutor has little or no knowledge of any case, and will accept any reasonable offer. If one cannot think of any offer, the prosecutor wants to help. The final pled infraction may have nothing to do with the accusation. But never claim innocence. It makes everyone angry.

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