Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disability Council Nominee Not Ready to Lead

22 year old, has Asperger Syndrome. One symptom is endless, mindless lecturing. It will become disruptive. The more these awful bureaucratic bodies are disrupted, the better off the public.

Worst of all is his report calling for laws to prohibit aversive conditioning, restraint, and seclusion in students with disabilities. This shows poor judgment and bias favoring chaos in the class room. This philosophy has become federal law recently, making the jobs of teachers unlivable. Now vicious, mentally disabled predators will assert their rights to attack adults and other children, with full lawyer immunity. Why would anyone pass such a self-defeating, pro-criminality law? The alternative to restraint and negative consequences? Greater staffing. The real losers? Taxpayers. These children who will yield zero return on educational investment, now generate massive government make work. The other winners, lawyers suing teachers for trying to prevent injuries. Students who are violent will be forced on entire classes, and learning can stop for hours until the rage attacks ends, perhaps hours later.

I strongly urge the victims of these vicious predators to sue the Federal government, and state officials, including this nominee. If these pro-criminal advocates want to set guidelines, they should be held accountable for all injuries resulting from their advocacy.

March 27, 2010
Nominee to Disability Council Is Lightning Rod for Dispute on Views of Autism

When President Obama nominated Ari Ne’eman to the National Council on Disability, many families touched by autism took it as a positive sign. Mr. Ne’eman would be the first person with the disorder to serve on the council.

But he has since become the focus of criticism from other advocates who disagree with his view that society ought to concentrate on accepting autistic people, not curing them.

A hold has been placed on Mr. Ne’eman’s nomination, which requires Senate confirmation. Whether the hold is related to the criticism of Mr. Ne’eman (pronounced NAY-men) and what it might take to lift it is unclear.

But Mr. Ne’eman, the 22-year-old founder of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, seems to be a lightning rod for a struggle over how autism will be perceived at a time when an estimated 1 in 100 American children and teenagers are given such a diagnosis.

Mr. Ne’eman is at the forefront of a growing movement that describes autism as a form of “neurodiversity” that should be embraced and accommodated, just as physical disabilities have led to the construction of ramps and stalls in public restrooms for people with disabilities. Autism, he and others say, is a part of their identity.

But that viewpoint, critics say, represents only those on the autism spectrum who at least have basic communication skills and are able to care of themselves.

“Why people have gotten upset is, he doesn’t seem to represent, understand or have great sympathy for all the people who are truly, deeply affected in a way that he isn’t,” said Jonathan Shestack, a co-founder of the advocacy group Autism Speaks, whose mission is to help finance research to find a cure.


  1. I am shocked and dismayed by your lack of compassion, understanding or consideration of those with autism as being Human!
    Your obvious bias and disrespect have no place in modern society. Your attitude is completely Medieval!
    I'm sure you're glad that God saw fit to bless you with being perfect and unblemished in anyway.
    I know it's such a strain to have to live among the imperfect ones of this world. It's warping your mind. Maybe you should get away to a private island or something?
    I guess I should be thankful that you didn't advocate extermination for the handicapped, you know put them out of their misery and eliminate the need to live among them. To put them down like the mad dogs they are, right?
    Bet you pushed for lobotomies too and sterilization of the lesser beings among us, lest they breed more of their kind. Eugenics being so merciful and all, right?
    Please save yourself the trouble of claiming to speak for parents, teachers, doctors and anyone else but yourself on this matter.
    I've heard heard more humane and intelligent mutterings from the Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan! Sick as it is, at least the Klan has an sort of twisted logic to their hatred, but you don't have even that. They are only bigots, what you are is far worse than words can tell.
    I've never heard anyone equate being handicapped with being a classroom terrorist before today.
    And you call yourself a doctor?
    You are one sick puppy! You hate critics of your words, yet you do all you can to force people to call you out for your statements.
    If you don't like flames why throw gas on a little fire?
    The odd part is no one has really taken you to task, they just sort of ignore you, mostly. So what's your beef?
    Really, you need some serious help of the Jesus kind, cause drugs just won't do in your case, your heart has been seared and scarred, by what, God only knows.
    I've read some of your other blogs, that much hate and anger will trigger heart attacks and strokes, the human body can't hold that much venom inside without damage.

  2. Personal attack. That is all that remains for the left. The facts abandoned them 100 years ago. If there is any debate, these remarks show just frustration.