Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prevalence of the Reportable Conditions

Below is the list of conditions, their approximate prevalences during the relevant time period, and the reference where obtained. The small field of mental disorder seems to have a total equal to all combined medical/surgical conditions. ( Mental: 15%; Medical: 13.5%). Given the small threat, it is legally advisable to report all patients to get immunity.

To summarize here.

1. Vision Requirements. All states have a similar requirement.

2. ) Syncopal attack or loss of consciousness. Lifetime: 19% over age 45, or 0.5% every six months.

3. Rheumatic, arthritic, orthopedic, muscular, vascular or neuromuscular disease. Taking the middle prevalences, and adding them up, about 10%. Go to page 138 in the PDF box at the top.

4. Cerebral vascular insufficiency or cardiovascular disease which, within the preceding 6 months, has resulted in lack of coordination, confusion, loss of awareness, dyspnea upon mild exertion or any other sign or symptom which impairs the ability to control and safely perform motor functions necessary to operate a motor vehicle.

Say 1% (30% lifetime divided by 30 years from ages 45 to ages 75)

5. Epilepsy. (a) General. A person who has a seizure disorder will not be qualified to drive unless a licensed physician reports that the person has been free from seizure for at least 6 months immediately preceding, with or without medication. A person will not be disqualified if the person has experienced only auras during that period.


6. Mental Disorder. Preoccupation, hallucination or delusion. Psychosis: 2%

Suicidality. 30,000 suicide a year (1 in 7000 adults, multiply by 10 for the attempt rate, 1 in 700)

(iii) Aggressiveness or disregard for the safety of self or others or both, presenting a clear and present danger, regardless of cause.

Antisocial Personality Disorder: 2% of males. Females get the diagnosis, borderline personality disorder at about 2% too. They are nearly identical.

(6) Periodic episodes of loss of attention or awareness which are of unknown etiology or not otherwise categorized, unless the person has been free from episode for the year immediately preceding, as reported by a licensed physician.

Adult ADHD: 4.4%

(7) Use of any drug or substance, including alcohol, known to impair skill or functions, regardless whether the drug or substance is medically prescribed.

Use of marijuana 4%. Marijuana addiction 1.5%

(8) Other conditions which, in the opinion of a provider, is likely to impair the ability to control and safely operate a motor vehicle.

Alcoholim (dependence): 5%

Alcohol abuse: 7%

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