Thursday, November 10, 2016

Improving the Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court is a lawless abomination. It should be impeached, every single one of the traitor now sitting there.

Then pass a Judiciary Act.

1) Move the Court to Wichita, KS, roughly at the center of the nation. Get it out of the homosexual dominated, rent seeking, elitist culture of Washington DC. If you move to Iran, you will soon become very Iranian. You will imitate those around you, and fit in eventually. This explains the awful decisions of even the most conservative Justices.

2) Change the number of Justices to an even number. If there is a tied decision, the lower court decision stands, and as national policy. That lower court decision was likely obeying a prior Supreme Court decision. The even number will conserve stare decisis.

3) If the Court is to violate the constitution by its judicial review, make the number of Justices a legislative number, such as 500. All judicial reviews, including Marbury v Madison, violate Article I Section 1, granting law making power to a legislature.

4) Exclude anyone who has passed 1L from the Supreme Court. Exclude all people who ever attended an Ivy League School. They are all dirty traitor scum. Select the Justices from random people on local jury pools. I don't care if the Congress selects wine besotted bums puking in the gutter, who dropped out of special ed classes. There will be an upgrade in policy making, and more readability of decisions.

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